Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Unbiased Firmoo eyewear Review |Eyeglasses for Round Face |Eyeglasses Haul #sponsored

Thanks Firmoo.com for sponsoring today’s video! They offer FREE PAIR OF GLASSES for new customers exclusively! Click URL https://bit.ly/2U80c3x to get one right now! The shipping fee is not included in free pair. Playing with color and design, Firmoo glasses celebrates diversity, motivating us to embrace our uniqueness.
✘ This deal includes one hot frame & single vision 1.50 lenses; shipping fee required. Upgraded lenses will cost an extra fee. ✘ One pair per person. Item number for my frames: DBSN62372A in purple

As someone who had never ordered glasses online I was happy for this experience and learned just how easy the process is. FIrmoo was a company I had heard of for years and had considered trying but before glasses were something I needed to have I put it off. Until having to wear glasses to read and use a computer I never realized how fashionable they could be. I was ruined you could say from the days of my childhood when wearing glasses was a bad thing and styles weren't that fashionable. You know what I am talking about, those horrible bulky plastic frames that never flattered anyone. Gone are those days and anyone can find something to fit their style.

Now that I've tried Firmoo I don't think I could go back to traditional stores to get glasses. The process to order is simple and the selection is amazing. Hubs is probably next for his own pair. I hope you will check out my full review down below. 



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