Friday, November 20, 2020

GOTIDEAL Acrylic Paint Set 48 colors! UnBoxing and Review


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Unbiased Firmoo eyewear Review |Eyeglasses for Round Face |Eyeglasses Haul #sponsored

Thanks for sponsoring today’s video! They offer FREE PAIR OF GLASSES for new customers exclusively! Click URL to get one right now! The shipping fee is not included in free pair. Playing with color and design, Firmoo glasses celebrates diversity, motivating us to embrace our uniqueness.
✘ This deal includes one hot frame & single vision 1.50 lenses; shipping fee required. Upgraded lenses will cost an extra fee. ✘ One pair per person. Item number for my frames: DBSN62372A in purple

As someone who had never ordered glasses online I was happy for this experience and learned just how easy the process is. FIrmoo was a company I had heard of for years and had considered trying but before glasses were something I needed to have I put it off. Until having to wear glasses to read and use a computer I never realized how fashionable they could be. I was ruined you could say from the days of my childhood when wearing glasses was a bad thing and styles weren't that fashionable. You know what I am talking about, those horrible bulky plastic frames that never flattered anyone. Gone are those days and anyone can find something to fit their style.

Now that I've tried Firmoo I don't think I could go back to traditional stores to get glasses. The process to order is simple and the selection is amazing. Hubs is probably next for his own pair. I hope you will check out my full review down below. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

FLCL: Progressive/Alternative (Blu-ray+Digital) Review

Spoiler warning 

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-Ray I reviewed in this blog post. The opinions I Share are my own.

Fooly Cooly was a Show I watched my early years of high school. I never really understood the background of what was happening, but this show had a way about grabbing you and pulling you in. I don't remember much from the original series except it was cool and had Haruko pulling things out of poor Naot's head and battling aliens and robots. I was shocked to see it was only a 6 episode series but I guess when I was watching I was so into it I never realized how short it was. I think it made up in content for its lack of length and ended just at the perfect time. 

Until I received the email about this review I hadn't realized they had made a season 2 &3. So because I remembered liking the original so much I was ecstatic to have the chance to finish the series. Boy it did not disappoint.

Season 2 I found to be super confusing and awkward at times. The dreams of Hidomi seem to take place after Medical Mechanica does what they want to the planet. Seemingly a zombie apocalypse but I was surprised at the moment when the zombies even seem to cannibalize Hidomi. Hidomi herself seems lost and sad and her constant dreams made me wonder if she was contemplating suicide. It made me realize that all the kids chosen all seem to have some tragedy in their life leaving them feeling useless and empty. Ide at first was a character I didn't like much because of his womanizing ways which in the end turned out to be an act. By the end I was rooting for Hidomi and Ide to become official which in a way I guess they did but its more implied than said aloud. This season reminded me why it was on adult swim with its sexual jokes and innuendos.In the end Ide and Hidomi save the world but I found this to be my least favorite season.

Season 3 I ended up liking this one the best out  Progressive/Alternative. It sucked me in like the original and I could feel myself connecting to the character Kana. Thus far the oldest the series has followed Kana has a fear of being annoying or not a good friend to the point she ends up being just that at times. I myself have worried that my friends just put up with me and actually find me annoying so I felt compelled by her story. This one features Kana standing on her own when it comes to the over all story after a small amount of awkward teenage flirtation. Over the season you see her making mistakes and learning life lessons and realizing she isn't as far along in life as her friends. They all have dreams and aspirations while she has none. The scene where shes trying to rescue Pets who has somehow become stuck in the alien and Pets lets everything loose about how shes tired of being her friend because its so much work was a punch to the gut. What followed after made me think everything was Ok and all was forgiven but then the sneaks reveal none of it was real. This season had an awesome ending fight scene where Kana's hair changes color and seems to become fire before she lets it all out saving the world. The end came too soon for me and while it closed things and gave a good ending I found myself attached to the characters and wanting more.

In the end I would recommend this collection for anyone who is a fan of the original. If you check this out let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Beemoon Car Phone Mount

I received this product for review all thoughts are my own.

This phone holder is a cool design. It's nice that it works one handed so you don't have to worry about being distracted while driving. Distracted driving is not only not safe but it also is illegal in most states.  This phone holder adjusts to large phones without issue even the new Note 10. It appears to be well made but I could see the spring popping free if handled too roughly. Otherwise a well made phone holder It has rivets at strategic locations in the "spring part that comes down. When it comes to phone holders there are many kind. This is the kind that attaches to you air vents. I did not have issues with it falling off the vent but because its been bitterly cold and I have had the heat on high I did find that this allowed my phone to get hot. I could see this as more of a summer phone mount because then the phone wont overheat with the AC or if you don't use the air control system in your car. It attaches to your vents so if you don't mind that then I highly recommend the  Beemoon Car Phone Mount   This phone mount can be purchased on Amazon both in the USA and Canada.
Please check out my video below for this baby in action. Don't forget to like and subscribe!


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