Wednesday, August 14, 2019


 1. Do you subscribe right away when you find a new channel/video? Or try a few videos first? 
 2. Does the “make sure you subscribe” mantra ever sway you to subscribe? 
 3. How many channels do you have the notification bell turned on for? 
 4. Do you watch every video from your subscription feed, or only your favorites? 
 5. How many channels do you never miss an upload for, no matter how busy you are? 
 6. What kind of commenter are you? 
 7. Do you skip ads or watch? 
 8. Do you speed up videos? 
 9. Do you click affiliate links or use affiliate codes? 
 10. What’s your preference when it comes to video length? Your sweet spot? 
 11. Do you thumbs up most videos? 
 12. Do you ever thumbs down a video? 
 13. Do you share other YTer's videos on your social media’s?

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