Monday, November 20, 2017 new way to shop

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I have always found shopping for cars a daunting task. So many things to look into from gas mileage possible, pricing, and more. I don't know much about cars so the thought of buying one scares me that I will make a terrible choice., That is where comes in, they have so much information available in a convenient way that makes car shopping is less scary.

My favorite part about the site is the part where you can shop by car type. I am in the market for a new car and I want a cute little hatchback. The research section is my favorite because I can see the features of the cars I am interested in and pick which fits my budget better and the features I am looking for. 

The site allows users to submit reviews and videos about cars you may be interested in making them easier to make your decision. It even keeps track of recalls so you can use even after you make your purchase to protect your self. I hate having to try to look up recalls because sometime its hard information to find and cars changes that for me. is everything you could need when purchasing or maintaining your vehicles. They have well organized all the information in a way that anyone can use it. 


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