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OlloClip for iPhone 6(s) & 6(s) plus

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about olloclip
The olloclip brand includes a growing line of ground-breaking tools and accessories for the mobile photographer. Leveraging the phenomenal success of its flagship product, the 4-IN-1 Photo Lens, the company continues to innovate with products like the new wearable 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus and other revolutionary products like the Telephoto + CPL lens, Macro 3-IN-1 lens and Quick-Flip™ case — all designed to push the parameters of what’s possible in mobile photography.
The KickStarter crowdfunding platform inspired founder Patrick O’Neill to evolve his olloclip concept into a reality. Since then, olloclip has attracted a legion of passionate users in just a few years’ time. The company remains committed to finding new and exciting ways to enhance the mobile photography category — and make capturing and sharing life’s experiences more fun and creative.

4-IN-1 LENS FOR iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s PLUS
olloclip's 4-IN-1 Lens delivers a wealth of creative options in a compact, easy-to-use design.  It features four advanced optic quick-change lenses that weigh in at less than an ounce.
Included Lenses:
Fisheye:  Use the curved perspective to turn ordinary into interesting with almost 180° of vision
Wide-Angle: Capture more of everything from landscape to friends with nearly double the field-of-view of iPhone's built in camera
10x Macro: Get detail-oriented and achieve impressive magnification like a digital microscope
15x Macro: See beyond the naked eye and photograph artistic close-ups with a shallower depth-of-field.

The 4-IN-1 Lens for iPhone 6/6s iPhone 6/6s Plus enhances your field-of-view beyond iPhone's built-in camera.  The fisheye and wide-angle lenses enable your lens to capture more - ideal for photographing panoramic landscapes or a snapping a selfie with a group of friends.  Access the macro lenses by unscrewing the fisheye and wide-angle lenses to photograph crisp close-ups and get detail-oriented beyond the naked eye.
Size matters.
The real challenge is introduced when innovating quality optics in a compact and lightweight form factor.  That's why at olloclip we've created a collection of beautifully designed, easy-to-use mobile lens systems with no oversized, heavy lenses or the need for extra parts like a bulky case or mounting bracket - just the way a mobile photographer would expect it.

Like lenses used on larger professional DSLR cameras, this olloclip lens system is designed specifically for iPhone to provide similar perspectives and is sized small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or hand.  And because of olloclip's award-winning design, the lens system clips on and off your device in seconds.  Simply attach the lens to your iPhone and unleash your creativity.
Made in U.S.A.
Our in-house engineering and design teams spend countless hours perfecting the ultimate user experience with un-compromised quality.  The pocket-sized, patented design works on both the rear-facing camera and the front FaceTime camera, so you can let your photos and selfies run wild.  Plus, it comes with 3 wearable pendants to keep your lens easily accessible on your keychain, backpack, handbag... or anywhere you want it within arm's reach.  Because the best camera is the one that's always with you.
  • Professional-style lenses give you creative options
  • Lightweight, compact design works on both front and rear-facing cameras
  • Switch between lenses in seconds with no extra parts needed
  • Precision coated ground glass optics deliver superior clarity
  • Wearable pendants keep the lens instantly accessible 
  • Works with all your favor photo and video apps 
    See my Unboxing video below.

The Olloclip comes in 6 different color combinations. I have the silver and white one, the NEW rose gold has been extremely popular since it was released back shortly before mothers day and was out of stock at the time. Its a great product that some may not know about. This has been raved about in the nail polish community as one of the best lens do take photos for nails. I had looked at purchasing one in the past and had sticker shock at the price tag. These run at just at $79.99, Yes Absorb that sticker shock. I thought I could just make due with a lens from ebay. I have been using them for years now and I just didn't understand the Hype behind the product. I have used many many different cheap macro lens and over time I just kept running into issues with each one. I had one that completely fell a part and the glass could have easily been stepped on but thankfully I was able to find it. The quality of photos with the cheap lens weren't often the best and forget doing a clear video. 

So This arrived and I was super excited because now I can see what everyone is talking about. So many things are different with this than the cheap ones. The images are much clearer, video looks amazing. It comes with a piece to slip in and take it on the go. It even has a lanyard on it which I have found its much easier to take on the go. I love that it has the lens on both sides so I can flip it over to change the lens I am using and don't have to store them elsewhere (and end up possibly losing them) They have adapters you insert to change between the 6 and the plus. It took me a few times to figure out how to change out the inserts. It was mostly because I was super tired and once I finally read the directions I was able to get it changed. 

So after a bit of time with the OlloClip I now understand why the girls have been raving about it all these years! The pictures and videos are amazing, no more blur around the edges or weird looking videos. Is it Worth $80? Yes I think it is and I wish I had gotten one sooner. So don't be like me and put it off head on over to Amazon to purchase your own.

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