Thursday, January 14, 2016

BSensible’s Fitted Crib Sheet Select review

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Crib sheets are not all alike. When little ones go to sleep accidents can happen. Diapers can definitely leak. If they go to bed with a bottle or cup, that can somehow leak. You want to be able to protect your crib mattress from these unexpected messes. 

What better way to do this then with the crib sheet itself? A seamless and completely waterproof All in One crib sheet that fully protects your mattress. BSensible’s Crib Sheet Select is the solution to saving your crib mattress. It does more then keep the mattress from getting things on it from accidents. It is an extremely smooth and breathable sheet because it has a second skin membrane, a 100% natural surface and unique benefits from Tencel to enhance your baby’s comfort.

All of the features of this mattress really set it apart from others on the market. It is manufactured in Europe and is composed of Dermofresh that is an innovative textile technology used in BSensible’s bedding products. I also love that there are so many colors to choose from such as lavendar, beige, pink, green, blue, grey, ivory and white. A lot of others don’t have this many colors to choose from.

Along with these choices some of the other features are that it is bi-elastic and fitted and also has a side finish. The fact that the material is smooth, soft and silent means that it will not disturb your child while they are sleeping and that the crib sheet will be extremely comfortable. You also don’t have to worry about what your child is sleeping on because of the natural surface of the sheet.

I am also in love with the fact that the BSensible Crib Sheet Select is hypoallergenic and has a dust mite barrier. Your little one’s skin will not be irritated and even if they do have an accident the tops and sides are waterproof. The sheet also has a fresh effect to it and reduces any sort of odors. 

With my experience with this type of sheet with my 17 month old and 3 year old, there have been nothing but great results. We are potty training for nights with my 3 year old and so accidents definitely happen. She also went in her room with her juice cup one day and got a juice stain on the sheet. I was so devastated because this is my favorite sheet to use with her. I threw it into the washing machine with some stain remover after soaking, and the juice stain came right out. I do have to mention that this was a red juice stain at that! 

I absolutely recommend this sheet to anyone with a child that is either in a crib or a toddler bed that may be potty training. The BSensible Crib Sheet has held up against everything that has gotten on it. Another great test is that when kids have these accidents you are having to wash the sheet over and over again. The sheet still looks and feels like the day that I put it on the bed the first time. This in itself is remarkable and you have to try this sheet out for yourself.

MSRP: $39.99
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