Sunday, December 20, 2015

Makeup Revolution USA Salvation Palette - Girls On Film

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18 shades of carefully curated beauty that will ignite your inner artist and leave you feeling like a rock star.

This pallete has something for everyone. A great day to day look, smokey for night, only your imagination limits the possibilities. This pallete runs for an amazing $10 on their site/Ulta or $19.99 on Amazon. I stopped into my local Ulta the other day and was amazed at the pure size of the end cap with all the products. I guess you could say these last few years (more like 6 or 7) I have been pretty lazy with my makeup. It got to wear I only wore it to funerals, pictures of any kind,weddings, and anytime I would be filming in front of the camera. So for me shadow that would work for day to day life was never important. I used to say as long as I had my liner I was good to go, but soon even that fell to the way side. I am finally back to wanting to wear makeup more often and this will be a great pallete for me since rocking neon blue shadow isn't exactly appropriate all the time.

The pallete does come with a sheet with the colors names and when I was filming and swatching I was confused but that's what happens when you play with makeup late at night. I thought I had the paper on them wrong and going by the names wrong because the matte black is called So bright. I thought there must be a mistake and since the paper was backwards I was unsure. I have since confirmed that I was going by the names correctly, while it wasn't on the site I found it on another review.
Makeup Revolution USA Salvation Palette - Girls On Film
Shimmer shades.
I think so bright is probably my favorite matte black I have right now. Now the brush is different than what most people are including with palletes right now. They either have a brush or nothing at all where this has the old fashioned shadow applicator. I was actually talking to Sara about applicator vs brush because I always felt that with a applicator I got a better amount of product where with brushes I felt that everything I did I wasn't getting enough on. Sara prefers the brushes and I have missed these applicators. I would rather apply with this type first and then use the brush after to help soften up the application. I guess thats just the heavy handed goth in me wanting to pack on as much black as I can.
Makeup Revolution USA Salvation Palette - Girls On Film
Matte shades

Overall I love this pallete and I can't wait to see what they come out for summer! Neons???? Who knows!

If you have a make up lover in your life then Head on over to Ulta and grab these to toss into their stocking!

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