Sunday, December 13, 2015

Guitar Hero Live Review

Disclosure: I received one or more products at a discounted price for review purposes only. Despite the discount/ free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.

This is my review of Guitar hero live for Xbox one. The main difference in the guitar hero live and the older guitar hero's is the guitar layout. It is a learning curve, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The song selection is amazing. I really enjoy the guitar hero TV. The fact that you can play along with the music video against other people is awesome. The cons of the game include the fact that you cannot download the songs you pay for. The fact that you earn coins to pay for those is good, but I would rather pay for them one time and be able to play them as many times as I wanted to. That part isn't a huge deal to me. All in all I really like this game. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes the guitar hero games because it puts a new twist on the game.

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  1. Bet my son would love this for Christmas!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! We have liked the other Guitar Hero games. I am confused though about the coins, how do you earn them if you have to pay per son per time but earn them while playing. Is there a group of free songs?

  3. I love this game! I like a lot of the improvements, but I agree, it would be nice to be able to download the purchased songs. Either way, this game is great and it's a blast to play!


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