Saturday, December 19, 2015

Beauty Stocking Stuffers

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I tried these a few years ago right after they were starting to pick up in popularity. Back in the days when I only heard about these and no other Younique products. They came in a hard case that reminded me of a glasses case and in 2 tubes that looked like regular mascara tubes. I did't have much luck with them back then, The Gel got more use than the fibers. When I tried them the fibers seemed to make a mess. So I was a little worried when they arrived but I wanted to give them another chance since its been several years. I had heard the common things that everyone says like spider eyes and ect.

When I opened the package they had changed everything! No more hard case now they are in a button up bag. The tubes are different and now I can actually see how much product is in the tube through the side. My eyelashes are super long but they are not well defined. Just one coat of the gel and they popped. Add in the fibers and another coat of the gel and they are out of this world. Gone are the issues with fall out. I don't know if the formula has changed and been improved or if I just happened to get a bad batch with my old set. 

I love these now! If you don't like the way they look here where some look clumped together you can follow up with a clean mascara/ brow wand and brush out your lashes. 

Spray this natural wonder on clean skin to add hydration and subtract redness and oil. Apply before makeup to prep your skin, or after to help set your fabulous face for the whole day.

This Smells just like the roses from my Granny's yard. Those were yellow roses but all roses smell the same but when I smell this I see them in my mind. I had been using this not sure what it was supposed to do. Just using it on my face each day without makeup since day to day I don't do makeup. I am starting to do my makeup more often than I have in a few years. When I spray it on my face its calming and my skin feels refreshed. Be careful not to spray this in your eyes like I have at least once. It doesn't feel that great on the eyes. So far I do notice the redness isn't as bad as it was, I actually really enjoy wearing this. I haven't had any break outs since using this nor have I seen any new blackheads appear. So I would say it does do what it says. 

The Palmer's Swivel stick is amazing! You can find my full review over here:

I recommend all of these items for those obsessed with beauty in your life. Or you can always get them for yourself.

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