Wednesday, November 18, 2015

K'NEX Home Designer Review HGG 2015

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Recently, I had the pleasure of playing with the K'nex Home Designer building set. It starts as a pretty simple idea: open the box and use your age 7+ logic and fine motor skills to create a couple of beautiful houses. Luckily, I just happened to have a 7 year old I could use.

First step was reading these directions.

Does this say to sacrifice your first born?
I hope not, I'm using her motor skills.

It included a lot of tiny pieces. Tiny pieces that far surpass Lego in the foot pain department.

We made some mistakes, but somehow, we figured it out.
Look at this beautiful craftsmanship.

We took a two hour coffee, cocoa, and thumb healing break, then we started on the second house.
Stop asking me for my firstborn!

The second house went much smother than the first. Maybe we were more accustomed to the color changing directions. Or maybe our thumbs had developed callouses and were thus immune to the pain. Or maybe it's because my daughter didn't give up after the first five minutes this time. Nonetheless, it turned out beautifully.
Overall we had fun. We couldn't tell if there were pieces missing or if we had lost the pieces while sobbing uncontrollably in our mentally exhausted states. It was easy enough to "wing it" when we couldn't figure things out. The dollhouses are still more or less intact and are played with daily. My daughter, remembering the struggle of assembly, has no intentions of altering or dismantling either house in any way.

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