Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mid West Lacquer- Solstice

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Thermals have always been one of my favorite finishes. Well, is that a finish? I really don't know lol. Anywho onto the swatch.

Two fingers warm and two cold

Solstice goes from a periwinkle blue when warm and a darker purple when cold.

For the swatches I used four coats, yes I said four coats! Now I don't normally like to use more than two coats, three if its worth it. Now don't get me wrong this polish is totally worth it. However next time I wear this I will definitely be layering it.

Even though I used four coats, it applied super easy and dried pretty quickly. You could probably get away with three thicker coats, but I applied thin coats.

 Above in a mostly Cold stage.
My hands were warm and almost immediately after taking them out of the cold water the color started turning.

 Shown completely warm.
Below I have a few more pictures. Sorry for the wet fingers I had to dip then immediately take the pics lol. First one showing only partially dipped into the cold water. Followed by completely cold and then one more completely warm.

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