Saturday, September 19, 2015

Nabi Spotted Nail Lacquer

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I found these Nabi Spotted Nail Lacquers at a local Beauty Supply store here in Albuquerque.  They had a big table top display with a lot of different colors. I was never able to get my hands on Opi Spotted in Black, so naturally I was pretty excited. I picked up Spotted white, Spotted Black ,and Spotted Lavender.

I started with a base color of Orly Push the Limit, then topped all nails with Nabi Spotted Lavender. I added Nabi Spotted White to my index finger only. And honestly I stopped there because I really did not like them layered lol. I chose to just go with it anyway though.  
Like I said I do not own OPI Black Spotted to compare, from the pictures and reviews I have read it does look like these work the same way.

1 comment:

  1. My OPI Black spotted makes larger holes on my nails than those you got here, but that might be down to thickness of coat etc.
    I think the Lavender is very sweet.


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