Thursday, August 13, 2015

Great Gadgets Inc. Selfie Stick Review

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I'm so excited to be sharing the Great Gadgets Inc. Selfie Stick with you today! This was my first time owning and using a selfie stick. Let me say I now understand the appeal of these. Especially when I'm out with my friends and we want to get a photo of us all. Also my husband is awful at taking photos so I thought maybe this could help with outfit photos! Overall I do have mixed feelings with this product.

Selfie stick photo

Let's start with the good things about this selfie stick. My favorite thing about it is the size. When folded down it's small enough to easily fit into a purse or a bag. Also the phone grip was very strong; I was never is fear of my phone falling out or moving. And finally it's just plain fun to play around with!

My dog giving Mr kisses
A photo I took for GISHWHES of my dog Gambit giving me kisses

Country mermaids earrings
Playing with some of my Country Mermaids earrings, check out my instagram post for more info

Now I had originally intended on sharing a lot more photos in this review but encountered some issues. The first being that fully and mostly extended it was hard for me to keep it steady. Now this is probably an issue with my phone too, I have a Samsung Galaxy s5, but I kept getting a lot of blurry photos. About half extended worked best for me for steadiness but at that distance it wasn't much more beneficial than using only my arm. It does allow for angles I can't achieve without it though! Another issue I had was the grip kept sliding around and when that happened I'd have to search for the button to click the shutter. The little button was difficult to press if the grip wasn't in the correct position too. So I'd get the camera in place but the weight of the end of the stick with my phone would twist the grip and the button wouldn't be where it should have been if that makes sense. This was especially an issue when trying to take vertical photos vs horizontal.

My favorite use for the stick is actually just as a phone holder while I sit on the couch. I know this probably sounds silly but just hear me out! So I put my phone in the end of the stick, elongate it however far I wanted and then stick the handle between the couch cusions. This is amazing because I always seem to lose track of my phone on the couch whether it be in my blanket, under my dogs, between the cusions, or on the floor. Even better is while I do my nails then I don't have to worry about smudging them to grab my phone!

Overall I liked it enough that I will continue to use it but I'm not sure I would repurchase it myself if something happened to the one I have.

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