Friday, June 26, 2015

Pretty and Polished Summer press release

Pretty and Polished Summer press release
Introducing the Pretty & Polished "Happy Hour" Collection! This Cocktail inspired collection comes with 6 stunning Holographic infused shades named after some of your favorite Cocktail Hour refreshments. This Collection will be available for sale on July 10th 2015 at In addition to the 6 new Polishes we will be releasing an assortment of new Cocktail inspired Bath & Body Products, including Mani Melt Shooters scented and named after popular shots.

Sangria: This sexy red jelly is packed with scattered holographic red glitters. Easy going formula with amazing pigmentation, get full coverage in ONE layer! 

Appletini: This polish is spectacularly bright with a strong slightly scattered holographic presence. This polish is creamy and has an incredibly easy to work with formula. 2 layers for full coverage.

Purple Nurpl: Don't be fooled by the funny name, this is one HOT polish. Probably the most intriguing polish of the collection, this deep purple jelly has an insane amount of holographic sparkle coming from different shades of tiny holographic glitters. Full coverage in 2 layers. 

Tequila Sunrise: This cocktail is served with the bottom half being red and the top half being orange. Dip your bottle into some ice water and get the full effect! This interesting orange jelly changes to a red jelly when exposed to cold. It's also packed with gorgeous golden scattered holographic glitters. May take 3 coats for full coverage. 

Long Island Iced Tea: Tea with no tea?! This interesting shade of copper is a must have brown in your collection. It has a very strong scattered holographic sparkle and is opaque in 1-2 layers! 

Cosmopolitan: A true Cosmo should be a bright pink frothy cocktail. And that is what you will get with this neon polish. This intensely pink polish is packed with pink and purple holographic glitters

Also included in this release are our new Bath & Body products. Our new Bubble Bombs are a wondrous mix between Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. Add them to your bath while the water is still running and watch them fizz and foam while creating a blanket of delightful bubbles! 

Cosmopolitan: A cranberry infused bomb with hints of orange and lime. 

PiƱa Colada: A sweet tropical medley of Coconut, Pineapple, and Rum.
Sangria: Deep red Wine scent topped off with a little chopped fruit. The top of this bomb has a crisp layer scented of sweet Orange. 
Strawberry Daiquiri: A dreamy Strawberry treat topped with notes of whipped cream and rum. 
Pink Bubbly: Experience the sweet scent of Pink Champagne that's so bubbly it tickles your nose!

Another addition to our lineup is our new Mani Melt Shooters! 

Jello Shots: Grape, Lime, Orange, and Cherry. 
Tomahawk: A Cinnamon and Almond mash up. 
Melon Ball: A Melon and Pineapple infusion.
Pretty and Polished Summer press release

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