Saturday, June 13, 2015

O.P.I color paints VS Formula X infinite ombre kit

Opi- Pointer & Middle - Formula x- Ring & Pinky
 Opi Color Paints 
         Formula x Infinite Ombre

Here is a Comparison of the two polish sets.

After I had received these in the mail I just knew I had to do a comparison. They are are almost the same. The O.P.I you can buy seperatly total of 6 colors and the silver base. The Formula x Infinite Ombre Kit comes with four mini colors and a Silver base. 

I would say its up to you which one you would want to buy, depends on if you want 6 colors or a smaller kit with 4 mini polishes. I feel like you can get away with just using the Formula X kit to get the exact same look using the O.P.I color paints.

O.P.I polishes right now on amazon 
Full size for $40.99 6 colors + silver base
Mini set $7.10 + $3.95 shipping 5 mini colors + mini silver base

Formula X Infinite Ombre kit
Kit includes 4 mini colors + full size silver base $29.50 + plus shipping

 I used the same technique for both polish sets. They came out the same. I'm glad I could do this
comparison for you to help you decide which one to get. At least one set is a must have.
I recently say Morgan Taylor come out with a similar set as well. 
Do you own a set similar to these? Let me know what brand you have.
You an also Check out the video below for both polish sets in action. Hope you enjoy it, and found it helpful.  

        Opi Color Paints                    Formula x Infinite Ombre


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