Monday, May 25, 2015

Take Another Pizza My Heart

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Today I'm channeling my inner Jennifer Lawrence...
jennifer lawrence where's the pizza gif
Source: 1stdandelionoftheyear
After reshaping my nails it felt more than the appropriate time to finally break out my bottle of Sugar Tips Lacquer Take Another Pizza My Heart.

sugar tips lacquer take another pizza my heart over Mentality jolt
Take Another Pizza My Heart over Mentality Jolt and Finger Lickin' Lacquer Peanut Butter

Currently Sugar Tips has an entire Pizza Party USA collection that is definitely worth checking out but this first polish is the "classic" toppings topper! Suspended in a clear base are metallic red circle pepperonis, metallic green pepper bar glitters, matte black olive circles, and semi-translucent white onion squares. There is no confusing this polish for anything other than it is; a perfect ode to pizza. Shown is one easy coat over a cheesy yellow base. There was no need to swirl or fish for the pepperoni glitters and coverage was fantastic.

sugar tips lacquer take another pizza my heart macro bottle shot
Macro bottle shot of Take Another Pizza My Heart 

You can find the Pizza Party USA collection here from Sugar Tips Lacquer. Are you hungry yet? ;)

jennifer lawrence pizza fixes everything gif
source: derpitlikejenniferlawrence
Hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend!

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