Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Amazon gift ideas. Mostly nail stuff.

Hey all! I was thinking of doing this as a weekly post. What I hate is when something comes up like a birthday or Christmas comes around and everyone wants to know what I want. Well usually I don't know! So if you are looking for ideas of what to ask for or to get yourself check out this list of items I found on Amazon that I added to my list!

I am really into neons right now and these just caught my eye!

Who am I kidding I just have a weakness for Color clubs as well. I wish they sold them where I live.

When this baby comes it is going right in my shower so I can play my music when I wake up.

This has hit my wish list since I am starting to play with some acrylics!

Which item do you like the most? Any feedback on these items?

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