Friday, May 29, 2015

Little Miss Disappear

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If there's one thing I'm probably the biggest sucker for it's anything and everything Disney related! The Lady Varnishes has been releasing a monthly Disney villain since December 2014 and then last November she also began releasing a Disney/Pixar Girl monthly as well. These ladies have all been full coverage holographic micro glitters. April's Pixar Girl was Little Miss Disappear for Violet Parr in The Incredibles; it is indeed incredible!

violet parr gif
Source: FYDisneyMisfits

A true violet, Little Miss Disappear is made up of various sized blue and purple micro glitters. Pictured is 2 coats over an almost invisible base color but can be fully opaque in 3 layers on its own. Not only is the holo stunning but this can appear more blue or purple leaning depending on lighting.

The lady varnishes little miss disappear swatch
The Lady Varnishes Little Miss Disappear, 2 coats over a Drip Drop nail paint mystery creme

In the sun this beauty was even more blinding and spectacular! There's definitely no ignoring it while wearing it.

The lady varnishes little miss disappear sunlight swatch
Little Miss Disappear in direct sun

The lady varnishes little miss disappear macro
A macro shot, because look at all those glitters!
If you hurry you may still be able to pick this up in her shop. Once a villain or girl sells out after their release month that means they're gone! (Except for special occasions where some MAY be re-released for a short time)

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