Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's Mer-Magical!

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Living in the Midwest there are few special effect polishes that I can take full advantage of, however thermal polishes are one. Between the 6 month long winters and extreme summer heat requiring air conditioning I can wear thermals year round. This particular squishy, glittery color changer is Polish Me Silly Mermaid Tears. I was inspired to add some nail art by the name and color since who doesn't love mermaids!

Polish me silly Mermaid Tears nail art
Mermaid Tears with Moyou Fairytale plate 06 stamping and random 3d nail art pieces

The warm to cold transition happened too slowly in the current temperature conditions and my nail length to get a good half and half photo so I took a video instead. I start in the partially cold state and alternate dipping my hands in hot and cold water. It doesn't take much to get a good quick color shift! 

It's a jelly base with green micro glitter, blue mid-sized hexes, and large blue dot glitters. Most thermals suggest 3 thin coats for best color shifting so the fact that this needed 3 coats for opacity was no big deal. I highly recommend checking this out and Polish Me Silly's other polishes. My favorite thing, aside from their thermals with glitters, is that they offer a 9ml minis which is especially great for thermals. If you didn't know the color changing pigments in thermals have a tendency to lose their power after around a year, if stored correctly, so a slightly larger mini is the perfect size. Won't ever stop me from buying them though!

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  1. I am a sucker for circle glitters and jelly polishes. These are great!


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