Thursday, May 7, 2015

Glitter Watermarble Tutorial

I took inspiration from Opal's video for her Easter nails. Check out the inspiration for my mani here:

After seeing Opal's nails I wanted to try this technique for myself. I only recently got the art of the watermarble down and now that I have done it I find it relaxing and love the endless possibilities. So first I had to pick a clear to watermarble with. I had seen so many talk about clears they have tried that didn't work for them. I remembered I had the NOPI top coat plus sitting in a drawer that I hadn't used and decided to try that. While it gave me more of a spread than I expected I love the way the results turned out.

Products used 
Nicole by OPI Nail Treatment, Top Coat Plus

China glaze plurple

China glaze glow with the flow

Milani blue flash

Video After the break.

So what do you think about this tutorial? I really want to start doing more of these and focusing more on my nails then I have been lately. I don't know if you've noticed but I hadn't been posting about polish much recently. I one needed to catch up, and two because I just hadn't had a lot of free time lately. I was sitting where I could not paint my nails at work and I had been working on improving my video style. So Look for more nail posts here in the future as I have quite a bit lined up for you right now. 

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