Friday, January 30, 2015

New nail box

New nail box

Hey guys I just wanted to show you the new tool box I got for my nail supplies.
I had a big bulky non cute black one before that I got at Harbor freight. This we found the other day while at Lowes. The Old Man loves him some Lowes and Home Depot. So we were out looking at the clearance as he does every other week or so. He turns to me and says I am done anything you want and I looked behind him and I saw purple and glitter. I didn't even know what it was yet because there was things in my sight between me and the tool box so I said move and ran! To my delighjt it was this awesome purple glitter tool box. So for the low price of $10.38 it came home with me! I will be carrying in it my stampers,plates, stamping polish, nail art brushes. I will save the big tool box for week vacations when we go out of town and I want to take polish with me on the go.

What do you carry your nail supplies in? Let me know in the comments!

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