Tuesday, November 11, 2014

V.ALRT Review

V.ALRT Review
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I have to admit I am a worry wart, I am constantly thinking of the worst case scenario. One thing that has always been on my mind would be if something were to happen and I couldn't call someone for help without alerting someone of my presence (Like if I were hiding.) Or if I wasn't holding my phone when I had to hide and had no way to run to it. With the V.ALRT I can call for help without actually calling with just a press of a button.

What are all the uses for the V.ALRT?

  • School Safety – children/grandchildren in
    V.ALRT Review
    school can alert to emergencies or check in with parents after an incident
  • Connecting families – put V.ALRT in a backpack or pocket and have a hotline to Mom/Dad
  • Signal for help if injured – great for hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities
  • Fall Detection Mode – multi-axis accelerometer automatically notifies contacts if a fall is detected
  • Homebound no more – users with medical conditions can stay connected to healthcare professionals or care providers when out at the store, in the yard or otherwise away from the landline
V.ALRT Review

Where I live recently there were quite a few women disappearing in a matter of only a few weeks. It was a stressful time and everyone was worried if they would be next. This product would have made the situation a little different allowing people a kind of safety net. 
V.ALRT Review

I love that It not only sends a message that you set but also your gps coordinates so that if you don't know where you are (like your phone screen is busted but the phone still works you just cant see it) this will be able to tell them. Or in the case where you can't speak but need help.  
V.ALRT Review

V.ALRT comes with a pendant/ keychain holder, and a watch band.
V.ALRT Review

V.ALRT is not just for older people, but would be good for all. The fact that its waterproof allows you to take it anywhere you might go allowing you to summon help whenever, wherever you may need it.

The V.ALRT is part of our Holiday Gift Guide.
V.ALRT Review

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