Sunday, November 30, 2014

Leesha's Lacquer

Leesha's Lacquer

I received 2 Polishes from Leesha's 2 new collections The Enchanted Collection
 and an American Horror Story.

The colors are BitchCraft and Siren Song.

Description: Bitchcraft , named after Episode 1 and modeled after the chic style of the witches, is a glitter topper that contains various sized black holographic hexes.

Bitch craft is a gorgeous black holographic topper with black and silver micro glitter with black holo hexes. It dried quickly and I used 1 coat over la colors absolute.
Leesha's Lacquer BitchCraft

Leesha's Lacquer BitchCraft

Leesha's Lacquer BitchCraft
I stamped over it with snow me white and born pretty store plate 21. I love the holo sparkles this baby lets off and man does it bring some joy to winter days. The glitter is not too overpowering to be a topper but not sparse like some glitters are. No fishing required.

Siren song 
Description: Siren Song is a seafoam green based Jelliter with a red shift that also contains seafoam green squares and purple/blue iridescent hexes.

 Makes me think of ice and snow. Pointer is 2 coats middle is 1 thin coat last 2 fingers are 1 thicker coat.
Leesha's Lacquer Siren Song

Leesha's Lacquer Siren Song

Leesha's Lacquer Siren Song
This one is something I would not recommend wearing on its own but on top of dark colors.
SinfulColors midnight blue
Here is what it looked like before I applied Sirens song. I stamped it with snow me white from SinfulColors.

Overall I am impressed with these Toppers and now have my eye on a few other of her polishes like 
Very Pinteresting and Heart It <3. I could see using BitchCraft as a all over glitter as opacity could be reached in under 5 coats with as jammed packed as it is. Unlike my attempt of using Cauldron Couture from SinfulColors which took around 15-20 coats to be a full coverage glitter.

You can find Leesha's Lacquer on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram

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