Friday, May 16, 2014

TheraPearl Back wrap review

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I am pretty much in constant back pain. I sometimes forget what its like to not hurt, I have been like this since I was a child. The doctors have never found a reason for it. They make me go through xrays and things but tell me they don't see anything wrong. The TheraPearl back wrap has come to my rescue. I have problems with my lower back the most and unfortunately as I have proven the smallest of falls causes me to pull a muscle in my lower back.

I remember one time I fell coming out of the pool house after swimming and going inside to change and I hurt my leg pretty bad and smacked my back into the stairs in front of the door (not the best place to put stairs going to the next floor.) After that for a few weeks I could only manage to walk for a short distance before I had to sit down. My legs would just cave and I would have this terrible pain in my lower back. I was that young person at walmart in the wheelchair shopping cart that everyone gave me dirty looks because they thought I was just being lazy but couldn't see the pain I was feeling daily on the inside. 

I wish I had the TheraPearl back then, oh how I Imagine it could have helped me so much. I am actually using the TheraPearl right now. I use it as ice therapy since its been so hot lately it also helps me to regulate my temperature. It provides pain relief that I haven't been able to find any other way. I know people say to walk and exercise but its so hard to do and stay motivated when every movement hurts. I have days where it hurts to lay down, sit, or even stand. Those are the worst for me but I haven't had one in the time I have had TheraPearl but when I do you know what will be by my side. I love that it has a strap to hold it on so you could even use it while exercising

I love using it to sooth away the pain and after I use it I am pain free for several hours. I use this after a long hard day of retail therapy or work. I love to get out and pound the pavement at the local flea markets. I am trying to be more active and ramping up over time and the TheraPearl is helping me on my goal by getting me through recovery to be able to go at it again sooner than I would without. I know its meant for lower back but I strapped this around my shoulder the other day while it was hurting. It was a little awkward but I was already kicked back on the couch so I didn't have to worry about it falling off cause I wasn't moving around.
I choose Cold for my aches and pains but I will give hot a shot at some point in the future but the cold works so well for me. 

The TheraPearl is something I recommend to anyone who has pain. They have ones for your ankle (next on my list), face masks (spa time anyone?), and knee wraps for all you runners and sports players. 

They recently celebrated 5 million (yes 5 MILLION) TheraPearl packs sold. So what are you waiting for? Go get you some pain relief! 

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TheraPearl Back wrap review

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