Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer nail art tutorial Collaboration with Whole Lotta Mama

Summer is quickly approaching and neons are hot again on the trends. So I wanted to do a tutorial that would be great for the summer and my friend Kristen from Whole Lotta Mama made the suggestion to do a collab! This is my first and I am super excited to be doing this so I did a stop animation tutorial ( my first video tutorial.) and I hope you love it.

The things you need:
1.Neon polish in color of your choice
I used Peachy keen by Live Life Polished
2. A cross over polish. 
I used a silver holographic polish by an indie brand called Fuse nail polish who has since closed.
3. A glitter topper of your choice.
I used a glitter topper with purple pink and black Hex from Fuse nail polish. 
I recommend something that will pop with your base color.
4. Accent polish
I used Opi Sheer tints Don't Violet Me Down
6. Something to push your edges in on your tape.
I used a mechanical pencil.
7. Clean up brush.
8. Acetone

I really love this look and have started looking at other pairings that I could do with this nail art style. I am super pale but even Peachy Keen left me with a glowing appearance.

Be sure to check out Whole Lotta Mama's Tutorial!

Please let me know what you thought of the color pairing and feel free to share with me your creations! Also do you like the stop animation style video or would you prefer a normal recorded video?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome video tutorial! I loved it and I loved all the colors and glitter and that you chose!


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