Monday, May 5, 2014

Ipsy April 2014 Beauty rocks

This was my 3rd ipsy bag and I have to say this was the one I was most looking forward to. So many brands I wanted to try or love I was excited. 

Now I know what your thinking what did I get in my bag?

Cailyn Tinted lip balm in apple pink

City color white gold shadow and highlighting mousse. 

Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion 

Sexy hair root pump.

What I loved most was:
The Urban Decay liner cause I always wanted to see if it was worth the cost. 

What I wished was different:
I wished I got the acid pink instead of the apple pink lip balm. 
I would have axed the hair product as I won't use it and rather gotten a rainbow honey polish. 

Over all I love the bag itself and I'm satisfied with what came in it. 


I'm already 1 year or more with Ipsy and while I'm not always ecstatic with their bags but neither I'm not  disappointed, My bag had exactly the same items that Ruby's bag had and for $10 a month I'm ok with it all.

My favorite item:
Urban Decay Glide-on love, they are like butter and goes on like a dream.

Not for me:
Cailyn Lip-tint while I like the product itself the shade was not for me.

What I would change:
I would as well change the hair spray for a nail polish, I luv Rainbow Honey.

Big Surprise:
City Color White Gold it works perfectly as highlighter and base for shimmery eyeshadows!

Less impact product:
Dr Brand Micro dermabrasion, I'm super picky with my exfoliant mostly I use sugar and coconut oil, and I think my sample was defective, if it wasn't, the amount of product was not enough for 1 use.



  1. I just signed up, they look like they have great monthly products. They put me on a waiting list though, just hope I don't have to wait to long. Thank you for the info have a great day.

    1. The quick way off the waiting list is to share to facebook from their site. I waited a month before i tried that and then once I did it I was off the waiting list less than a week later.


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