Thursday, April 17, 2014

The ultimate baking mat, Baker's13. Review

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One of my hobbies is baking, I bake when I'm happy, sad, worried or just to release stress and one of my favorite baking tools are silicone mats. Before I bought my first baking mat, the oatmeal cookies were a challenge, since then I have mastered the art to keep the pans as good as new.The last month the amazing people form Baker's13 sent me a silicone baking mat for a review.

For the last 3 months I was craving  empanadas, but somehow my 2 baking mats got lost, with my new baking mat in hand I went to Walmart  for some easy and lazy empanadas (you can check my recipe here) supplies.

While empanadas are a common dish in the Latino american culinary, their flavor, ingredients and preparation differs from one country to another, The empanadas in my country are more juicer, which sadly means more sticky and  nasty baking sheets left behind. My experience with Baker's13, was great, their mats come in amazing designs, mine is the "Stripes" in blue, and it comes with a target where you can place your cookie dough maximizing the amount of cookies that can be baked at once and avoiding the risk of a crammed baking pan and cookies sticking together. It worked with my empanadas as well.

If you are not comfy using a Bakin's13 Silicone Mat or you dont know why you need one when you can just wash your baking sheet, use parchment  paper and/or non-stick oil. I would love to share my kitchen knowledge with you:
- First a baking mat can replace all that parchment paper and non-stick oil  and some expensive Teflon pans, which means more budget for ingredients or just more money in your pocket.
- A properly cared baking mat can last up one thousand uses, that's like 15000 cookies, ton of paper and trees saved. Green is a good trend to follow!
- Silicon mats shorten the baking time and allow a more even browning. Energy Saving!
- The Baker's13 mat has marks where each cookie should be placed, making easier for kids (and adults) to bake perfect cookies. Time Saving!
- Silicon mats can handle up to 400 degrees and 425 once you have used them a couple of times.
- The Baker's13 is microwave safe! Baking single cookies in your microwave is a must.
- The baker's 13 is  dishwasher friendly and can be hand washed.
- Can be stored flat or bent, folded, rolled or simply hang it on any hook in your kitchen.
- It's BPA free! (BPA stands for bisphenol A.)
- Last but no least the beautiful designs. The baker's13 mat comes in 15 designs.

So far I love my new baking mat, the price is right, it saves me money and helps me to bake more striking and succulent cookies. Baker's13 is made of the highest quality of silicone and  fulfills all the FDA regulations.

You can purchase Baker's13 trough their website.

Enjoy your cookies!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I love this. I need one now too. I will for sure check them out. Thanks for sharing about them.

  2. I've wanted a baking mat for a while now, but just haven't gotten one. That one sounds awesome.

  3. I bake all the time but have never used a baking mat. I think I need to try it out based on your review.

  4. I love to bake too! I've never used a baking mat, but I think I need to try one.

  5. I love to bake too but I have never used a baking mat...this looks awesome! I'm definitely going to look into getting one after reading your review. Thanks so much for sharing! Love the recipe too!


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