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SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker

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SpeeCup review by Life of a Mad Typer

I am guilty as many of you are for trying to talk on the phone while driving. The problem isn't that I hold my phone to my ear while driving but I just can't hear and they cant hear me. I put my phone on speaker and then slip it under my seat belt. It works good some days but other days its just so hard to hear what they are saying. Now I don't have that problem anymore that I have SpeeCup!

SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker

The SpeeCup is designed to fit in the cup or bottle holder of your car or bike. It can be used to take calls or listen to music.
SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker

You can see inside of the SpeeCup and the awesome speaker inside. It reminds me of the episode of MythBusters when they try to see if you can blow the speakers out of a car if the speakers were big and loud enough.

SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker

The SpeeCup also has an AV port on the device so that if you have the AV jack on your car radio you can hook it into it and use the sound through your car speakers.

The features of the SpeeCup help make using the phone and driving a safer experience. 
SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker
It offers buttons to do the things you want without having to take your eyes off the road. Want Siri to send a text but your phone is in your purse or pocket? Just press the center button down to initiate Siri!

Other things you can do!

Rotate the smartControl to turn the volume up or down.
Tap the smartControl to pause or play the music.
The ringer is heard through the SpeeCup just tap the smartControl to answer.
Want to call that last person back? Double tap smartControl.
In bad traffic and don't feel safe talking? While it's ringing double tap to send to voicemail.

Not only does the SpeeCup allow you do all of these but that line you see above and below the microphone and then center is a motion sensor that you can use to answer calls and play music, change songs. 

The SpeeCup was so easy to pair with my iPhone I didn't even read the directions to do it and had it paired in under 3 mins. I did end up reading the directions once I accidentally called the old man 4 times by mistake at 4am the first day I had it. 

See how to pair it here.

SpeeCup #review Siri/ s Voice activated bluetooth speaker

I love my SpeeCup and I think you will too. This offers all the features you would need to be able to take calls in your car while driving safely. I know we all think that will never happen to me but you could even be the cause of an accident by not having your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. It was just Thursday I was on my way to work when a car moved into my lane coming head on at me. If I hadn't quickly smacked the horn I would have been hit if I didn't dodge them but thankfully the horn got their attention and they moved back over.

So don't be a dangerous driver be a safe driver with SpeeCup.


  1. I want!!! This looks so awesome!

  2. I love how it looks and yeah texting or talking and driving sucks could help avoiding some accidents

  3. This looks really cool, now I want one. Great review and thanks for sharing with us. With my husbands birthday coming up I may have just found his present.

  4. This is awesome...I'd love to have this!

  5. My fiance would love this! He is always trying to avoid answering calls when he is out, but when I need something he doesn't answer. Sucks lol
    This is awesome though!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Thst is AWESOME! I would love to get this for my husband!!!

  7. This is so awesome and I need a couple of these. One for the vehicle because my husband and I both end up taking different calls while we are out and about and also one for the office. Thanks so much for sharing!


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