Monday, March 17, 2014

Shoplet Your place for office supplies!

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I got the pleasure of working with Shoplet who carriers and a range of office supplies and just about everything you could ever need or want. I received 3 sharpie products they include

I was most excited about the pen and the neon markers when I was told I was going to be able to do this review. I love sharpies and use them all the time. I actually own every color of sharpie in both regular and fine tip until these neons came out and now I am back to owning them all again! They are fabulous for crafts and drawing. I actually have a few things planned out to do with these markers that you will see in the future.
Did you know you could use a sharpie for nail art?

On to the rest of the story!

I have been using the sharpie pen for the last 2 weeks any time I needed to write. I love how this fits in my hand and so far has not caused any bruising on my middle finger like most pens without grips do. I loved the brushed metal that this is made of and the fact that its not smearable. I am an artist in many ways and that includes drawing. 

What I usually do is  draw with pencil then trace with pen and then once dry I color. I Have always used the same pens since I was younger for this process.

Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pens, Extra Fine Point

The problem I always ran into though is that it smears if you don't wait long enough. That is why I will now be using the sharpie one instead as it doesn't smear or smudge!
Examples of my work and why I love markers!

When you think of Sharpie you think of quality, not just for the regular color markers but also for the metallics as well. A friend asked me if I liked the metallics and I said absolutely! I showed her how easily the marker flowed and glided over the paper. The old man is about to kidnap them from me as he needs them for something is does in the basement. He tried to snag them the day they arrived but I managed to get them out the door before he could. I will probably let him have them as I already have a set in my marker bag.

I was excited I think most about the neon markers

I could spend hours on pinterest looking at all the Sharpie crafts out there and want to do them all! I did my own twist on the permanent marker on coffee mugs and found a ceramic soap dispenser instead. You can see the tutorial here. I used some generic markers from dollar tree and ended up with some bad results and had to redo it all over. I did another one later on with sharpies and it was awesome because I only had to do it once. That is when I went out and bought every color sharpie made! I then used them to craft christmas for my family. 

Look at these awesome shades!

I am doing them up in 80's glory colors in Mad Typer style. Its just so hard to pick what to do! 

Overall the imitations cant stand up to sharpies awesome quality and will leave you with less than stellar results.

You can purchase all of these items at Shoplet.


  1. I LOVE sharpies, I use the bright colored ones to organize my blog plans. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. We all love sharpies here in my house too. Love your artwork too. I use them on my totes in the garage. Thanks for sharing with us


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