Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reebok Introduces Customizable CrossFit Sprint TR

In CrossFit, your workout is your own. You set the personal records and you surpass them. You aren't about CrossFit, CrossFit is about you. Your workout program reflects you, so it only makes sense that your equipment should too.

Check out the new Reebok Customizable CrossFit Sprint TR for Men and Women. These shoes are constructed specifically for fast workouts. Built for enhanced durability and flexibility, this shoe features technology to make it last through rope climbs, but light enough for sprinting with a natural running feel. Now you can customize the look and truly make this shoe your own. Sprints to climbs, squats to stretches, this shoe is designed for a fast workout with a flexible look. Everything from the laces to the soles, it looks, feels and acts like the CrossFit you.

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