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Peachskin sheets #review

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I recently got the chance to work with and was super excited. They have many colors to choose from and it was a hard decision to make. We went with MIDNIGHT BLACK in a queen size.  Our bed is a bit of a custom build and a lot of sheets aren't big enough. Not so with these sheets they went across the entire bed and down the sides just short of the floor. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the feel of the sheets. These are quite possibly the softest material I have ever had in a set of sheets. I now understand why they are called peach skin as they feel almost like the skin on a peach and are amazingly soft.

After just one nights sleep I could tell the difference from my old sheets. The fabric was so comfortable I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep without the normal waking up every few hours. I find myself wanting to touch them all the time loving the way they feel. I surprised the Old Man and didn't tell him what I was up to so when he came home I had him go check the bed and he was in love with them too!

Want to know some of the features?
  1. Body Temperature and Moisture Management Technology...Warm Sleepers Stay Cool; Cool Sleepers Stay Warm
  2. Athletic Grade Fabric Wicks Away Moisture Rather than Just Absorbing Like Cotton. Perfect for Night Sweats
  3. 50% More Breathable than Most Fabrics Including Cotton
  4. Brushed PeachSkin™ Finish on Both Sides for Extraordinary 1500 Thread Count Softness
  5. Will Fit Up To 22-24" Thick Mattresses, Even Memory Foam and Double Pillow Top
  6. Deep Pocket Fitted with All Around Elastic Instead of Just Corners
  7. Anti-Pill...No Little Balls (Rolly-Pollies) on Your Fitted Sheets
  8. Always Ultra Soft Right Out of The Package....No Need to "Break Them In" with Numerous Washings to Soften
  9. Anti-Slip, Non-Sateen Finish Means Softness Without Slipping...No Sliding Off Your Bed
  10. Comes Out Of Dryer with No Wrinkles...Bed Looks Smooth and Perfect!
  11. Hypoallergenic and Great for Allergies, Sensitive Skin, Eczema
  12. Anti-Microbial to Prevent Dust and Pollen from Adhering to Fabric
  13. Extremely Durable, High Performance Fabric ...Can Stand Up to Callouses, Kids, Pets
  14. Colors Will Not Fade, Whites Will Not Get Dingy or Gray
  15. Lightweight and Stain Resistant
  16. Comes Out of Washer Almost Dry, Due To Moisture Wicking Properties

I get cold easy and the Old Man is always hot so Body Temperature and Moisture Management Technology is one of my favorite features of these sheets. Also night sweats are big in our house and even I have woken up to being soaked in sweat and sticking to the sheets in the past but not with the PeachSkin sheets. They have improved our nights greatly. 

I love the zipper pull attached to the package and will be adding it to my keychain!

I also love the finishing touches they put on the packaging with the tissue paper, thank you card, and peach sticker.

We love our sheets from and we think you will too! You will be amazed what a set of these will do for your sleep!

Find them online:


  1. I love that these are bigger than regular sheets, and i love the body temp technology...i want a set of these!

  2. I would love to try these! B is super tall and can never get comfortable with regular sheets. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Great review, I will check out the company and product. I had not even known of this product until your review so thanks!

  4. I love these sheets too! Bought my first set at Marietta's Fourth of July party/shopping (I can't think what it's called)! The one thing I didn't see, and it hasn't affected my sheets, is that you're not supposed to use fabric softener. I've quit using the softener and the sheets are just as soft and wonderful!!!! I can't recommend them highly enough


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