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Oh so Naughty nails. Not for the meek and easily disturbed.

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I was on vacation when I got the email that I was being selected to swatch and review Oh So Naughty nails. I was super excited and read the names to the Old Man and his sister (Who owns The Joly Life) and they got a kick out of them. I received several from their upcoming  collection to try out. I was super excited to see some jellies in the collection! I hate the heat but I love the neons and jellies that come out!

I received 6 colors and the base and top coat. The colors you ask?
They are (in order if left to right and then top to bottom):
Red light district
Pretty Kitty
Two in the pink
Blue me again
I do it by my own
Fuck me I'm drunk
I'm on top
I'm ready
I have some full shots and macros of each color to show you. My favorites were Red light district/ Pretty kitty (I have it on right now)/Two in the pink.

First up is I do it by my own.

This purple polish is textured and has some large purple holo square and dark purple diamond glitter. It also has silver and purple micro glitter. I used 5 coats in the photos. Application was a breeze and it dried quickly.

 No flash
 With flash

Fuck it I'm Drunk

This one kind of makes me think of drunk clowns. I think its the color of glitter that are in it that make me think that. The funny thing is I know 2 people I was a designated driver for at a birthday party and they later became clowns, so I picture them in their clown outfits that day and this makes me think of that. This polish is filled with hex and diamonds in various sizes and colors and some random shapes as well. Like a drunk clown trying to make a balloon giraffe and making a dog instead. This has a white crelly base with glitter in blue,red,pink,dark purple,green, and yellow. I used 3 coats and there was no fishing for the glitter as it came out in abundance.

Red light district

This is one of my favorite 3 from the collection. Its a jelly!!!!!!!!!!! (of course!!) In the bottle it has an orange tone to it but when applied the lovely pink shows through. This is a wonderful pink jelly with gold holographic glitter in squares and bars. So it has 3 of my favorite things
(You know you just sang that as you read it, admit it) in it. Holo,Glitter, all packed into a hot pink watermelon toned jelly. I used 3 coats for these swatches.
No flash


Two in the pink

My 2nd favorite in this collection and another pink jelly but this one is more of a bubblegum pink. It took more coats to achieve the look I wanted but it was worth it in the end. I used 5 coats and then after taking a few shots I tried my hand at stamping it with the Pueen buffet plates. I am still a beginner at stamping but I thought it was a pretty base. I used the oil plate as a co worker picked it. Packed into this bubble gum pink base is orange and white square glitter and add in some yellow and white hex. I didn't think I was going to like the springy mix of glitter colors but I really love the end result.
1 coat.

 You see that shine! Thats without top coat!

on to the stamping.
Needless to say I am not the best at stamping yet but I wanted to test out my new stamper and plates.

Blue me again

Blue me again has a light blue base with icy blue and navy micro glitter in it. This was 3 coats and it was still transparent. This one make me think of water or winter. I love the icy blue glitter, I am obsessed with blue (I dyed my hair blue!) I love anything blue so this is a winner in my book. This is also slightly textured due to all the glitter but 3 coats of the top coat was able to smooth that down for me.

Pretty Kitty

My last favorite in this collection. Pretty kitty is red holo glitter in a smokey black base. You could do this over black or do like I did and layer it to opacity which was 3 coats. I love how jellies and glitter add so much dimension! I used my new HK girl top coat over this one as it had some sharp glitter and it needed smoothing down. This has red holo and red hearts,circles,squares,micro glitter,and bars. I used my new light box that just arrived for these pictures!

The top coat is amazing and I will keep it at work to have on hand for swatching. I can't wait to try it over some holo and see how that tests out. The base coat is awesome if you are looking for staying power. I had to fight to get this off after applying it. The glitters just didn't want to let go it was almost as if I had super glued them on. If you keep your polish on for around 4 days or just have a lazy week then this is for you. For swatching though when trying to do at least 3 a day it takes forever to get it off.

I am pleased with everything I received from Oh So Naughty nails. I love the jellies and the creative polishes that I haven't seen anything like it on the market. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Be sure to watch out for these in the coming weeks!

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  1. I love this nail polish! Going to buy some now!

  2. I love all the colors! I need some of these to take with me when i go in to get my nails filled!

  3. I love these colors, the names are AMAZING -wink-
    Glitter is my favorite part of nail polish, especially when you don't have to apply 15 coats to see it. Thanks for sharing!!!


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