Friday, March 7, 2014

A positive change

So I recently got food poisoning a few weeks ago and it was horrible. BUT there has been a positive change since then. I have always been a soda drinker, specially Mtn dew. I just love it. Well I had been having a lot of problems about the last 6 months where my stomach was on fire everyday and I was always having to take tums. I went on vacation for a week in January and had no mtn dew while gone and the burning went away. So following that I stopped drinking regular mtn dew and then drinking Mtn dew Live wire. I really love live wire but its hard to find and expensive because I have to buy in in 12 packs.

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Then came the food poisoning. I couldn't eat or drink anything but water and I hate water. I always normally do flavored water with mio and things anyway but had switched back to soda full time when the water locally started smelling really funky. That day though I had nothing but plain water and the only thing I ate was a piece of french bread plain, greek yogurt, and plain water because everything else made me sick. I have never ever had food poisoning so bad in my life before. It was so bad I had to call out from work because I couldn't even walk right and the nausea was worse than anything else I have ever experienced.  So I spent the next 24 hours asleep or in the bathroom and then had to go to work the next night after expelling anything I had been able to take in all day and no food in my stomach. 

So of course I was miserable and spent the next few days scared to eat much of anything and that whole week was just miserable because I had to then work on the only day off I had in exchange for the sick day.

I went through terrible caffeine withdrawal but I am over it now and I have only had a soda 3-4 times since then. I used to drink 2-3 a day and really if I can't have my Mtn dew I just don't see the point anymore. So I have been Living on the Nestle Pure life Splash in mandarin orange and the flavored waters from Dasani in acai grape and mixed berry.

So here is to healthier options and maybe a new step in my weight loss journey.

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