Saturday, February 22, 2014

Niora Adult acne treatment #review

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I have been battling acne for as long as I remember. I was excited to get the chance to use this system. I have been using this system for about 2 months and a half and I am loving the results I have gotten. My cheeks are not as red as they were when I started using this and my break outs have greatly diminished. 

I am loving the results I am getting with this and they have even reformulated the cleanser and sent me the new kind to use instead. Here is some information about the product:

Alpha Clear Acne Treatment is an easy to use 2 step twice daily program designed to clear adult acne and adult onset acne while dramatically reducing the skin conditions that cause acne. Alpha Clear treats acne by fighting wrinkles, and is specifically designed to balance oiliness/dryness levels. Alpha Clear cleans, moisturizes, tones, minimizing pores and fading age spots while encouraging the skin's natural defenses against acne. ...learn more
Alpha C Serum is an Intensive anti-aging moisturizing treatment safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin, the perfect compliment to Alpha Clear Adult Acne treatment. Silky soft and deep moisturizing. ...learn more

What's included?:

How it works

Alpha Clear
Anti-Aging ingredients directly target the primary symptoms of acne: Micro-emulsified moisturizers dissolve impacted oils that clog pores and cause breakouts while natural fruit acid complexes exfoliate excess skin, preventing this tissue from creasing pre-emergent facial fissures into visible wrinkles.

Alpha C Serum 
Micro-emulsified golden jojoba penetrates and reduces sub-visible skin fissures and visible wrinkled tissues.
Vitamin C Esters stimulate collagen firming skin. Alpha Lipoic Acid protects against environmental stresses and free radicals.
Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Complexes exfoliate, tone, fade age spots and wrinkles stimulating fresh new, healthier skin.

When I was a teen I went to a dermitologist and they told me it was my age that made me break out. I was also told when I reached 25 that it would clear up. Now I have reached 25 and I still had acne just as bad as when I was a teen sometimes worse and it had shown no signs of going away. Instead of treating my acne like they could have they let it run wild which left me with lots of scarring on my cheeks. It got to the point I didn't want to look into a mirror because of what I saw each time I looked at myself.

This has changed the way I view myself because its taken away the angry red marks from my skin. I do have a occastional break out but its along my jaw line and when I have been exstreamly stressed. Since using this I have only had 2 of those and they clear up quickly. If you are like me and have been looking for something to help clear up your skin after trying so many things then I suggest checking out Niora


  1. I still get breakouts at 34...ill have to check this product out!

  2. Im gonna have to look into this! I never had acne problems until I got pregnant and now I get breakouts off an on all the time.


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