Monday, February 24, 2014

How To Clean And Whiten Your Nails

From a very young age kids are thought how important it is to wash their hands as often as possible
in order to eliminate all the bacteria and prevent some serious diseases. Admittedly washing your hands on
regular basis and especially before having a meal is essential but a considerable amount of attention
should be paid to the nails and the dirt they accumulate. Having clean and good – looking nails is not only aesthetic but it also have a positive impact on your health. Taking care of your hands and nails should be a habit, established in the childhood and now there are so many more or less useful tricks to maintain them clean that you become spoilt for choice which one to entrust. Here are some of the proven methods that will make your nails look beautiful and white:

• the first step to having neat nails is the regular trimming. Some ladies are so obsessed with 
having long nails that trimming is out of question. However, it is critically important unless you want your nails become thin and fragile
• file them as soon as needed so they don't lose their shape and look aesthetic
• cleaning the area underneath your nails can be pretty tricky. Using a nail brush is recommended but if you are unwilling to carry one everywhere you go, hot water and soap would do a good job as well
• don't use somebody else's tools for grooming and polishing. If you have no alternative, 
carefully sanitize them before usage
• chewing your nails is a terrible habit that destroys the nails so do your best to get rid of it
• the cuticles are often considered to be unattractive and they are often removed but the truth
is that namely the cuticles can help you avoid infections.
• If you notice that you have a problem with your nails or hangnails that looks like it's here 
to stay, hurry up and seek for medical assistance. That might be a sign of a serious but 
preventable health disorder.

It is a common knowledge that the nicotine and the nail polish are among the main causes of dark 
nails that look ugly and badly groomed. If your nails match the description above, there's no point
in worrying. You can easily get rid of that and have clean and whiter than ever nails. You don't even 
have to spend a great sum of money on that. Try some home made recipes out

• you would never achieve the desired results unless you perform some buffing. Be careful
though, otherwise you risk making your nails too weak
• you'd better not apply a nail polish all the time. Let your nails “breathe” from time to time
and you will avoid the stains that the continuous usage of nail polish causes
• you can easily make them whiter by using equal parts toothpaste, lemon juice and the well 
known baking soda. Leave the mixture on your nails for about five minutes then scrub 
with a mild brush. You can simply apply a whitening toothpaste or soak your nails into a 
container filled with lemon juice as well. The results should be satisfactory and your nails 
will look neat, clean and beautiful.

Author Bio: Paula Sheamus is blogger and writer who love to share thoughts. She is the manager 
of a company which offers carpet cleaning services in London and has a lot of free time to write for 
her readers.


  1. I've always loved taking care of my nails ever since I was really young. So it turned into a good habit. I will soak and clean my nails with water, baking soda, and dish soap,like dawn. I use a nail scrubber.

  2. Love the idea to soak nails in tooth paste, lemon juice, and baking soda! I am definitely going to have to try that. Thanks for the tips!


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