Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

The following post is a guest post.

Germany has called for a ban on plastic surgery for minors and it looks as though the bill will
go through next year. Health spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union, Jens Spahn, told
a German magazine that the ban is about “protecting young people from the consequences of a wrong headed beauty craze.”

Do young people need protecting from plastic surgery? Perhaps German politicians are worried that their country will become more like the USA, where children as young as six are going under the knife. While it's true that no parent wants to see their child suffer from bullying, allowing a child to undergo surgery to 'correct' their appearance sends the message that the bullies were right. Some people argue that children who have plastic surgery, for example they have their ears pinned back or a large facial mole removed, will grow up feeling as if they have to adapt their appearance to
please the world.

The ban excludes cosmetic surgery carried out for medical purposes, but what exactly
constitutes 'medical' reasons is unclear... Will children left facially disfigured after an accident, for example, be able to have surgery?

Germany's proposed ban has sparked a debate about the purpose of cosmetic surgery- if children need to be 'protected' from it, should we also be questioning the popularity of cosmetic procedures among adults?

People have cosmetic surgery for all different reasons- to improve a facial deformity for example or for medical reasons, or because they have already suffered a lifetime of bullying. Some people might see it as trivial and vain, but if someone is suffering from cripplingly low self-esteem, cosmetic surgery can change their life.

There is a stereotype that people undergo cosmetic surgery for purely shallow reasons, but most of the time patients choose to have a procedure to improve their confidence, more than their physical appearance. Nobody chooses to undergo cosmetic surgery on a silly whim, or for a quick fix. Surgeons in the UK follow strict guidelines which mean patients have to give their procedure a lot of serious thought. focus on helping their patients making informed decisions, offering free consultations and making their clinical data completely transparent.

Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly, nor should it be made by children or forced upon them by their parents, even though they have the best intentions in the world. Germany might have the right idea!


  1. I don't agree 100%. I can see something being out of control for a minor. Some things, the smallest of fixes like dental work can help a kid or teen with a future. Its not all about bullying. If my child had a scar on his/her body and kept them from wearing a dress to a dance or taking a shirt off at a pool. Darn right I would get it fixed. In my opinion, governments are taking away our free rights..

  2. i have to agree with the previous commenter...i think there's ok reasons to do it and if it's affecting a childs well being then maybe it's whats needed..

  3. I think plastic surgery should never be just because you want it and can afford it, It should only be for medical purposes

  4. I am torn on this subject. Sugery should be done for help or medical reasons, when i say help think of someone what has a nose issuse and cant breath going in to have some of the tissue taken out to help, Things of that area, but silly stuff like i want to fill my lips with gunk to make them look fuller, to me seems really unreasonable. But people with money do what they please. But i can see some plastic surgery being helpful such as people that have lost major weight end up with skin that isnt just unsightly, but it can actually cause issues from the skin rubbing. So I am really torn, but for children, unless its needed i would say NEVER because as they grow its going to change how they look. So why change a child when they havent grown into thier own skin. The only exception would be like needing surgery for an accident or something that is medically nessasary

  5. I can't say plastic surgery is a bad idea. Everyone wants to look awesome and we can't blame if one decides to make his/her look better. Moreover there are many people out there who are satisfied with the aesthetic plastic surgery they have undergone. And yeah.. I have heard stories telling about surgeries that gone wrong. It might have because they consulted a wrong surgeon. A right surgeon will do it right for you. Dr. Sammy Sliwin is the one whom I know.

  6. I think one should be able to choose for themselves whether they want to get plastic surgery or not. A country can't tell you what you can or can not do with your own body. Besides, people who really want to get plastic surgery will get it no matter what, and they wont mind travelling to another country to do it. When Germany bans plastic surgery they relinquish their right to regulate the industry and make sure that if people do decide to get plastic surgery Germany will have the proper regulations in place to protect their citizens.


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