Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let Me Get This Off My Chest Book #review

I recently got offered a chance to review Let Me Get This Off My Chest by Margaret Lesh. This is my sole and honest opinion of the book.

Starting out, I was intrigued. This is supposed to be a nitty, gritty retelling of a breast cancer survivor's experiences. What it became was something else entirely.

Let Me Get This Off My Chest cycles through personal experience and helpful advice. Lesh has an amazing memory for time, place, and dialog. She keeps a positive outlook throughout the retelling of her experience. There are several links and resources at the end of most chapters so the reader can follow up with additional research.

My only complaint: This book is completely VOID of details. It kept eluding to the fact that specifics would follow,  but they never came. One example of this is the chapter on sex (after surgery). Lesh writes a two paragraph intro that says (paraphrasing), "This is the chapter you've been waiting for. I'm going to tell you all about it." Then, she follows with a large print, two page telling on how she didn't want to have sex and then when she did, she took it slow and wore a bra. THAT'S IT. Where's the action? The details?

....so that last example made me seem like a pervert. There are better instances of shallow writing. Cancer card! She makes another painfully short chapter on how she once played the cancer card to get her hairdresser to move up her appointment by mentioning her chemotherapy. I'm probably sounding bitter now, but I just think that there could be some more harrowing tales of her abusing her cancer powers to push through a line of wheelchair bound children at Disney Land.

All in all, I give Let Me Get This Off My Chest a 2.5/5 on my completely made up review scale.

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