Monday, January 27, 2014

HOT or NOT review

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I don't know if you remember using Hot or Not when younger, but I do. Hot or Not was site you uploaded pictures of yourself and people answer if they think your hot or not as the name applies. In the past (2007) it was used by mostly by the younger generation and could create a esteem boost for someone that might not feel their looks were up to par. I was about 18 when I started to use the site. If you haven't been on the site for awhile they have had some new features added that I think you will like!

In the past it was simply a rating site but over time it has evolved into a sort of dating service. If you click that you think someone is hot and they do the same for you the app (we'll get to that in a bit.) will notify both parties that a match has been made. In that case you can choose to meet and it may end up being a real life love connection. 

They now offer an app for iPhone and Android and you can create a login from the app (don't you love when you don't need a pc?) and upload pictures. Before photos are uploaded you can surf through profiles from users close to you but can't select hot until you add photos of your own.

 It shows one of their pictures and their score, friends you may share, and interests. You can link the Hot or Not app to your facebook to be able to find the friends in common. The circle with 4 squares takes you to a view to see thumbnails of all the pictures of that profile 

You can drag from the bottom for more information. It gives interest/ about me/more shared friends details/ location details/ and the setting saying if they are on or offline currently (can be turned off in privacy) will all be listed here.

When adding your own picture you have to click the 3 lines in the left to get the menu to appear. If you connect your facebook from the get go your profile images appear.  If you did like me and signed up through email first then you get this screen.
I like that you can add from facebook even if you didn't link it when you first signed up. The thing is I accidentally imported every picture I was ever tagged in (be careful!) If you do like me and accidentally upload pictures you don't want on there you can delete them.

Hot or Not has now become a great tool for meeting others in your area! You can also just rate pictures for the fun of it with no strings attached and still use it for a ego booster. This site isn't just for the 20 year olds they have members of all ages!

Check out Hot or Not on Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start rating!

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