Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 Celebrities And Their Insect Look-Alikes

  1. This recently discovered species of Ripophorus Beetle is quite possibly the only living creature on the planet with eyebrows bushy enough to rival those of writer and TV personality Andy Rooney.  We just hope Andy’s not too jealous of the vibrant color and impossible heights of upper eye tufts that his insect counterpart has managed to achieve.
  2. This Jagged Ambush Bug with its craggy, haggard appearance has been known to pierce the exoskeleton of insects three times its size and inject lethal poison into their body cavities. Oh, and it also wields and uncanny resemblance to Rolling Stones megastar Mick Jagger.   As a side note, both specimens intimidate the hell out of us.
  3. So thin that you almost wouldn’t notice him ambling by, the Stick Bug has long time been the butt of many a bug joke.  It’s hard to say which is thinner - this stick bug or Mary Kate Olson, but no one is laughing at the movie and fashion mogul’s too-skinny frame. MK recently admitted struggling with an eating disorder and is seeking professional help.
  4. While the Common House Fly is known for its other-worldly sense of sight and visual tracking capabilities, Lady Gaga is widely known for her other-worldly sense of gaudy fashion accessories.  It is always fun to guess where she gets her inspiration and one has to wonder if these oversized, diamond studded bug eye glasses are the result of one too many encounters with the common house fly in her upscale living quarters. If that’s the case, perhaps some good fly traps would help un-inspire her to wear such ridiculous things.
  5. Because nothing says “run-for-your-life!” like a three-inch tall Praying Mantis or Jackie Chan in a martial arts pose. In real life, Jackie is only acting and probably won’t kick your trash if you ask him nicely.  The mantis, on the other hand, really does chew off the heads of its mating partners so maybe you better keep on running.
  6. Has the King of rock-n-roll been reincarnated as a six-legged arthropod? The resemblance of this Great Shield (pentatomoidea) Bug to Elvis Presley is sure to leave you “all shook up”.
  7. Cotton Stainer Bug don’t care! He’s just happy chilling out on this branch. With its unique backside markings resembling cool shades, sweet dreads and a matter-of-fact expression this bug more than faintly channels popular movie and TV personality Whoopi Goldberg. And we’re pretty sure Whoopi don’t care either.
  8. If you like it then you shoulda put a nail through it...  At least that’s what Australian researcher Bryan Lessard did when he was given the official responsibility of naming a new species of fly with ample golden booty.  Lessard gave the bug the scientific name of Scaptia beyonceae after pop singer and superstar Beyonce Knowles.   Not coincidentally, Knowles is also known for her ample booty and the tendency to adorn it with glittering gold.
  9. Say hello to the eye candy sweetheart of the beetle world.  Magnificently adorned with iridescent rainbow colors across its back, the Chysolina Beetle is almost as pretty as pop singer Selena Gomez in her rhinestone corset.
  10. A species of nest-parasite Melecta Bee was aptly given the celebrity name of Billy Idol Bee by Jennnifer Henke.  The similarities are striking from its bleach blonde Mohawk to its black leathery ensemble and intense “Ima-kill-you” stare. Hey Billy, how about lowering that fist just a little bit?
  11. Last but not lest we say hello to another praying mantis look-a-like in all her jungle glory, Katy Perry. There’s just something so strikingly similar about these two photos that we had to include them!
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