Saturday, December 7, 2013

KushyFoot Review

I received the following product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I received  Fleece Trouser Socks and Fishnet & Flat Knit Opaque Knee Highs.
Here is some information on these products.

Fishnet & Flat Knit Opaque Knee Highs

A look that will take you from 9 to 5.

Kushyfoot® knee highs are great for going out, going to work as well as everyday wear. Trendy fishnet knee highs are paired with flat knit opaque knee highs giving you two options to play up your outfit. Light graduated compression in the opaque style improves circulation and helps prevent swelling. Both style are available in black and feature a:
Zig zag sole to protect the ball of your foot and provide extra cushioning;
Reinforced toe for added durability.

NOTE: Price includes 3 pairs of fishnet knee highs and 3 pairs of flat knit knee highs.
USD $23.97 / 6 pairs

Fleece Trouser Socks

USD $17.97 / 3 pairs

Ultra soft fleece trouser socks give you total opaque coverage so you can brave even the coldest of days. Perfect to wear under your favorite boots

I have big legs so I didn't know if these would fit me so I was excited when they did!
I love the way the sole of the Fishnet knee highs feel on my feet. I thought it might hurt me since my feet are very sensitive and the socks with the dots on the bottom to keep from sliding hurt like little needles. I don't have any pain when I wear them I actually feel a little bouncy. The Fleece socks are my favorite between the 2 because they are so warm. Right now the weather is pretty bad.

and these help keep me warm in crazy weather like this! We have over 4 inches of snow alone right now not including the ice below that.  I plan on saving the Fishnet ones for spring and summer to go with my skirts and these fleece are going to be my best friend this winter.

So if you are looking for some new socks to either help make it through the work day on your feet or socks to keep you warm then KushyFoot is your new best friend!

Find KishyFoot online:

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