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How To Celebrate The New Year In 2014. Guest Post

New Year is one of the best times for partying together with your friends and family. There are so many different things you can do whether you have children or not. To give you some inspiration for organising a great party this New Year or just having a good time here are some great tips and ideas.

Fireworks on New Years Eve 2009


Attend A Firework Display Show

Many cities and towns around the UK will be organising a fireworks display around midnight or in some instances earlier in the afternoon. These are always nice things to go to as long as you prepare well.
First, the area for viewing often fills up with people quickly and you might want to go there a little bit earlier. Second, since you are going to go earlier than the show starts you must wear a lot of warm clothing. Standing in one spot in the evening can quickly get you feeling cold so prepare well.

Attend A Party In A Bar Or Restaurant

There are also plenty of parties in local bars and restaurants. Usually these require you to purchase the tickets beforehand, so now is a good time to start thinking about where to go.

Organise Your Own Party

Going to a party in a bar or restaurant can be quite costly and therefore you might want to organise your own party instead. Inviting some friends to stay at your place is a great idea and works well if you have children as well.
Organise some nice party foods and drinks or ask friends to bring something to the party. You can add some nice entertainment with fireworks, karaoke or party games to ensure people are entertained.
If you do hold a party it might be a nice idea to let your neighbours know beforehand since it shows a lot of courtesy. Although it is a time when a lot of people have their own parties it is always better to be considerate and let people know in advance.

Fireworks Show For Smaller Children

If you have small children they might not be able to stay up until the midnight. But you can organise a smaller party earlier for the kids to enjoy some quality fireworks as well. You can organise a small party where you can invite other friends with their families.
As part of the party you can have a small fireworks display in the afternoon as soon as it gets dark. There are many dazzling fireworks for sale at the moment and this will be a nice way for allowing the small ones to enjoy this big day as well.

Remember The Safety

Whatever way you choose to celebrate New Year in 2014 it is important to keep safety in mind. Whether you go out or stay in it is always a good idea to ensure your friends and family stay safe. There are many good safety tips for New Year’s Eve at the Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service’s website.
The above are some ideas for what you could do this New Year. Above all remember to spend it with the people you love and stay safe.
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Oliver loves to have fun during the holiday season and he is especially excited about fireworks during the New Year's Eve party. He is hoping to travel to Australia one day to see the world famous fireworks display.

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