Friday, November 1, 2013

Sour Apple Candy from XoXo nail candy. Part of the Not A Spooky Halloween Collection

Hey all I know Yesterday was Halloween but I just wanted to share this amazing polish from XoXo Nail Candy that is part of the Not A Spooky Halloween collection. 

This polish is amazing and fun. I love using it as an accent nail but it looks great by itself as well!

Here is some info from her site! 
This is a little green base with green and pink neon black and turquoise circle glitter. 

I really love the pale green jelly shade and amazing glitter really does make me think of Halloween with candy and candy apples. I applied 3 thin coats and let each dry between coats. If you don't let it fully dry like with any polish it will smush but if you are patient it's amazing!

Oh and did I forget to mention that this is black light reflective?

Look at that baby glow!

Hope you enjoy the swatches these polishes sell for $10 on XoXO Nail Candy

Keep reading for the swatches!


  1. That is great Halloween polish and I love the black light effect! I knew there had to be black light polish out there but this is the first time I have seen it! Great photos!

  2. Lights on... Lights off... Lights on.. Lights off.. Someone asks what I'm doing I'll just say I'm checking out my nail polish! LOL! :-)

  3. Very cool Polish.. I am sure my girls would love that.. will have to go looking for it..

  4. I love glow in the dark colors, I am putting this on my must-have list! Thanks for sharing!!!


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