Monday, November 11, 2013

Large DSLR + iPad® Messenger Bag from Case Logic

I received the following product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I have been using Case Logic products since I was in high school and maybe even sooner. I remember my favorite CD case was a Tony Hawk Case Logic CD booklet. I didn't care about the tony hawk part only that it had this cool looking skull on it. I put that thing through all kinds of abuse and it just kept kicking. The best part? I still have that case and it is still in perfect condition, that is how I know Case Logic is made to last.

I was excited when I learned I was going to get the chance to review Large DSLR + iPad® Messenger Bag because I knew it was going to be well made and fit all the things I need. I do various endeavors in photography (weddings, nature, architecture, and family photos.) and I have quickly outgrown the camera bag that I got when I purchased my Olympus Pen EMp1. With extra batteries, memory cards, lenses, and secondary camera (don’t forget all the chargers and cords.) I had stuff everywhere and no way to keep it all together so needless to say anytime I needed to charge my camera it was a nightmare to find the charger. Now I won’t have to go through that anymore! This camera bag has everything I need to store all my equipment safely.

I am large chested and because of that I have issues with most messenger bags not being big enough to fit across me. I was afraid this wouldn’t fit but it pleasantly surprised me. I did as I always do and let the strap out as big as it could go and when I tried it on I was happy to find it was actually too big for me. 

Now the day after this arrived at my door (shipping was extremely fast) I did a family photo shoot with Kasey (she occasionally does reviews on our site.) We went out to Burdette and I carried all my camera equipment excluding my tripod in this bag. I barely could tell I was carrying anything! It was so wonderful; the strap didn't choke me or rub me raw around the neck.

Something else I love about this bag? You can put your iPad in it and its well cushioned to protect it. I use my iPad a lot in my photo editing and picture sampling. Now I can even keep my iPad memory card reader in the front pocket.

The Ipad pocket can be accessed from the inside

& the outside.

I learned something while reading the site that I hadn't noticed before.
Let me set the scene for you. You are out taking pictures of..... lets go with architecture; and it begins to pour. There is no shelter to dive under, you walked so you have no car to book it too. You are carrying hundreds possibly thousands in camera equipment that is about the get ruined by the rain. Not if you are carrying this camera bag! In a hidden pocket on the bottom there is a compartment that opens to reveal a waterproof covering for the bag thus protecting your stuff!

lets paint another scene for you. You are doing something that requires you to carry the whole bag with you but you have to stay silent. This has a velcro closure and 2 clasps and you really need to not have the velcro make any sounds. This gives you the ability to cover it up!

  Now you can get back to your spy nature photography without being detected.

Want to know more about this product? Here is the specs from Case Logic site.

Warranty: 25 years 
(What other bag have you seen with a warranty like that?)
  • Customize your own storage for DSLR camera, up to 4 lenses, including a 70-200 mm lens, or flash and accessories with adjustable foam walls and short snake divider to use as a wall or hammock
  • Bag fastens with velcro and buckles, or easily modify to a silent closure – integrated velcro-patch cover eliminates scratch sound for quiet settings
  • Unique fold away flap provides convenient top access to gear – simply fold and velcro the main compartment open and you’re suddenly wearing your work-out of station
  • Front zippered pocket provides organization for additional camera or non-camera accessories
  • Ergonomic construction combines thickly padded backpanel and shoulder strap, oversized shoulder pad and optional waistbelt for maximum carrying comfort
  • Waistbelt tucks into backpanel when not in use
  • Sturdy top and bottom grab handles for easy lifting and loading
  • Modern, functional design and durable ripstop nylon create a quality, user-friendly camera bag
  • Removable weather cover protects case from the elements – can be stored in dedicated compartment, attached by adhesive straps, or removed completely to dry or clean
  • Lens cloth included
More pictures!

If you have a family member who loves photography then this would make a perfect christmas gift!
So I am including it in my Holiday Gift Guide!

This Retails for $79.99

Find Case Logic at:


  1. That is an awesome bag! Great for any photo shoot. Looks like a professional bag. :-)

  2. I love this bag, its great plus I can carry my iPad without worrying about it.


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