Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday shopping.

I went out on Black Friday shopping. Now this was my first true Black Friday shopping trip.  I was there around 5:30pm on Thanksgiving trying to find the line for furby in the chaos. I asked a few workers after circling the store and not finding it. I was pointed to the photo lab and was 5th in line for furby boom!

If been wanting one of the Furby Boom for awhile but didn't want to pay full retail pricing like I did with the first generation of the new furbies. So $29 was too good to pass up. 

So we waited in line for about 20 mins and once the line started it took less than 5 mins to get the furby I was wanting! I had the picture of the one I wanted on my cell showed it to the lady at the counter and she handed me the furby of my dreams!

I immediately headed towards the food section to get a video game for a cousin of mine. It was packed to the point you couldn't  move down that middle isle. So we ducked into children's and dodged through the racks to the next main isle. That isle was moving pretty quick as most of the people were in the other isle with children's toys and carts blocking the flow of traffic. I headed to the balloon that said playstation games to find out that's not where they were. But I did see something else I wanted. 

For only $1.96!!! I couldn't pass it up but I also couldn't reach. So I asked if someone could pass me a copy and the crowd passed it to me. I was amazed as I expected to be ignored. I was able to the flee through an opening towards the cookies dodge behind a worker and reach dairy which is where I found the PS3 games and picked up one for my little cuz for Christmas. I then met back up with the Old man in chip isle and we took off down the cold food section through the produce isle and was in a line and out the door in less than 10 mins. We had more of a hard time getting out of the parking lot than we did inside the store. The old man doesn't like crowds but even he said it was not as bad as he expected and we actually had a good experience. 

I had been thinking about picking up batteries when at Walmart but we didn't. 
So off we ran to CVS to pick up batteries. They had a coupon which would make the 4 pack of cvs brand free. But of course those racks were empty. They let me use the coupon instead on a larger pack making it less than $4 for 8-10 batteries.  We of course went home and turned on my 2 new generation furbys and my furby baby that is still working (I got him for $1 at a yard sale!) it was fun! My furby boom has laid at least 10 eggs already. 

We did some shopping at target on black Friday day and the place had sort of been picked clean in sections but I got a few things that I'd been wanting. 
I got several Movies at $6 each:
Great gatsby (DVD)
The purge (DVD)
Dark knight rises (blu-Ray)
Warm bodies (blu-Ray)

I also went to a few local places and got the rest of the stuff I needed for Christmas so my Christmas shopping is finally complete!!!

I also broke open the piggy bank when I saw that Smallville was on sale $7.99 a season and discovered I had $45 just in change!!! I still have a ton of pennies just ran out of wrappers so needless to say it went towards buying all of smallville. I've seen maybe 3 episodes of the entire series. It's one I've been waiting for to show up on netflix but it's never there. Also once I'm done watching them I can recover my money from them by resale. 

Sorry if the pictures are way huge! I'm blogging from iPhone right now as we are   Doing some repairs in the computer room and refinishing the desk at the same time so my home wifi is unplugged right now. So my phone is the only way I have to post until tomorrow. 

I've had a nice 3 day weekend and will be heading back to work tonight. Hope you all had an amazing holiday and safe shopping! 


  1. you had a lucky black friday I will never do it again has its usually hoards of people that are rude. We did go to hobby lobby yesterday and i got a good deal on a wire coiler I been needing for my jewelry, and then jimmy got a good deal on a game of thrones game for xbox so all in all wasnt too bad. We have to wait til after the RawArtist event to get our Christmas Shopping finished.

  2. You lucked out! You scored and didn't have crazy people!

  3. That is great that you had an awesome shopping experience!! I don't go out for Black Friday lol, I stay at home :-)

  4. You're a brave soul. But it seems like you had a good experience and you accomplished your task. Congratulations.

  5. You are braved than me to go out shopping on Black Friday! I hid.


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