Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Music Magpie

The following post is a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own and are not influenced by others.

In 5 days Pokemon X and Y will be going on sale. With money being tight you might not have the extra cash to be able to go out and purchase it. Have no fear I know the easiest and most reliable way you can come up with the cash to order that Item that is currently outside your grasp. What is it you ask? Music Magpie they buy your unwanted CDs,Dvds, and Video games so that you can buy the things you want and need.

Have a surprise expense come up and you need cash fast? Then Music Magpie is the answer. 

How does it work?

Simply enter the barcodes from each of the DVDs, CDs and Games that you want to sell into our Valuation Engine to get an instant price.

You can choose to ship your items using UPS or USPS Shipping options, ALL of them are FREE & EASY, all you have to do is choose the most convenient for you.

You'll receive the total value of your items by Check!

If you are anything like me you aren't at a computer very often and the great thing about Music Magpie is they have an app for both android and iPhones! So now you can sell your things on the go as well.

Another great thing about Music Magpie is that if you are going all digital from the old fashion hard copy collection of Dvd's and free up space in your home. I myself have started to go all digital as I love the ability to be able to watch it from anywhere and not have to carry a ton of discs which are heavy. Its like switching from hard copy book to e-reader! Its makes it easy to take your movie collection with you and not have to lug that extra weight around!


  1. I am definitely going to look into this as we don't do anything but store our CD's once we rip them to the laptop. This would be a great way to earn some money back on them instead of letting them sit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This seems like a neat thing I will have to look into it especially with the holidays coming up too.

  3. Very neat and Ill be looking into this!

  4. A great way to earn some extra money!

  5. Ahhh now I wish I would have kept all those CDs!

  6. Thanks for sharing this because we definitely have some old DVD's that are just collecting dust. I've never heard of this so I'm going to check it out.


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