Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keep Calm and Game on Giveaway

There is a few things over the years that I have used to keep calm. I used to crochet to relieve stress and create something beautiful. Now I paint my nails, doodle, and randomly crochet. I kind of slacked on crochet after a year of doing nothing but, I guess I burned myself out. I love playing games on my iphone though because I can take it everywhere! No matter how you keep calm you should enter this giveaway!

About Our Sponsor
Based out of Seattle, Big Fish Games began their rise to casual gaming dominance in 2002. In a little more than a decade, Big Fish has distributed more than 2 billion games for the PC, Mac, and – most recently – mobile devices. 
In the past year alone, Big Fish has given their loyal fan base over 300 fun, engaging mobile games to choose from to keep them entertained on the go. While Big Fish still offers over 3,000 games for the PC, their move to mobile has been a logical one. Most folks live life on the go, and gamers are no different. Devices such as smartphones, iPads and Android tablets are so connected to their users that they’re practically a part of the family!
Family is at the heart of Big Fish Games – particularly games that kids and adults can enjoy. One such game is Fetch, an original, award-winning game developed by the same Big Fish team that created the Drawn series.The game’s beautiful artwork lends the game a movie-like feel and the team certainly hasn’t skimped on a similarly cinematic storyline, either. Fetch tells the tale of a young boy and his beloved dog. When his best, furry friend is kidnapped by an evil fire hydrant, he goes on a fantastical adventure to get his pet back. Fetch is one of the many free-to-play games that Big Fish currently offers. More new free-to-play titles are added each week. There’s something for everybody!

Prize Details
3 Winners will have their choice of either a $50 iTunes Gift Card or $50 Google Play Gift Card. 
How To Enter
This event is open to readers WORLD WIDE, 18 years and older. Use the simple rafflecopter below, and don't forget to come back for daily entries. Don't forget to Keep Calm and Game On! 
Life of a Mad Typer is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Sponsor will ship all prizes for this event.


  1. You already know I play a ton of League of Legends. But I've also started playing Diablo 3 again, and am going through some PS2 games again when I get bored of those.

  2. I like to play word games like scrabble and words with friends, but I also play candy crush

  3. I usually don't play cellphone games, but I know my nephew would love an iTunes gift card!

  4. I play Gears of War, Soul Caliber on Xbox, but I am a die hard gamer from PC back in 98-? starting with Quake, Q2, Q3, HL, Rainbow 6 series, Ghost recon,

  5. I enjoy some solitaire or this zoo game that is really addicting. truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Tetris! Its so addicting!


  7. I like all types of different games. I play whatever is there at the time I guess.

  8. my special needs little one would love some new games,,

  9. I play candy crush and flow on my iphone.. lol


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