Monday, October 28, 2013

Disney Live in Evansville Indiana oct 27th review

I received tickets to the event for my honest opinion. Although free the tickets did not affect my opinions contained in this post.

I got to go to Disney Live as part of a blogger program. I am here to share my experience with you of this wondrous event. Tickets for this event ranged from $22-$33 a ticket depending on the location of the seats. The magic starts as you enter the building and see the ushers all dressed in suits after that was the area where they were selling food and souvenirs. 

I admit the food got me when I saw fruit flavored kettle corn from a company in the area  

This put me in the mood of the "movie" atmosphere. 

Adge and Josie went with me to see Disney Live and we had a blast!

Isn't Josie's outfit the cutest? 

Our seats were 8 rows from the front of the stage dead center (to me its the best position possible!) The stage is surrounded with a border of various disney characters.

I loved that they had announcements of the time frame before the start of the show and the looks on the kids faces as they announced the 3 minute mark was priceless.

The Show is magical but you don't have to believe me! Just check out a taste of the Magic!

The show followed the story of 3 different princesses. If you can't guess from our button they were Snow white, Belle, Cinderella. It was like watching the movies but better because it was live action. I loved how the maneuvered such a small stage to be able to do what they did. I didn't get to go to things like this as a child and I can tell you I am glad I went. Its something everyone should do once in a lifetime.

We loved seeing all the other kids dressed up as different princesses and trying to guess who was dressed as who!

We all had an amazing time and even laughed at the bloopers! Let me tell you seeing the evil step sisters trip and fall over each other chasing after the prince is even funnier in real life.

If you want to see all the pictures from the Event then check out our album on facebook!

We hope to go back next year and we hope you will join us! 


  1. Omg! My girls would have loved this. Looks like so much fun. I may have enjoyed it even more. Lol :)

  2. This looks so fun and I think if I get a chance to bring the kids I believe all 3 would love it!

  3. My little one would love this although I have to admit with me growing up with disney too I have to say I just might enjoy it too. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. I will have to check the schedule to see if they are ever near us.

  4. Oh wow!!!! Looks and sounds like an awesome show!!!

  5. This looks and sounds amazing! Something my kiddos would love!

  6. How fun! I don't have little girls but Id like to go myself LOL

  7. This looks amazing! Love all the pictures!

  8. So Jealous! It looked like you all had a blast!

  9. Super cute. That looks like it was a total blast! Great pics!

  10. Oh my goodness that looks so magical.. My kids would have loved that when they were young.


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