Saturday, September 21, 2013

UPDATE: Blogging, doors, and iphones

Sorry its been quite this week! Things have been a little crazy with me and life got in the way. I work full time so time I get to blog is limited but this week was insane. We ordered a new screen door for our house from lowes but before making the order we shopped around like usual checking to see if we could get a better deal. So there went all my time tue,wed,thur, and then friday the new iphone came out. So I of course had to go get my new iphone and man was that a crazy mess all in itself.

So I got up late on friday (Well I woke up at 3am but didn't get out of bed til like 5.) I was already talking to my coworkers who were on the hunt for a phone of their own. I had planned to go to Best Buy but everyone else was saying to come on down to the stores. Well another co-worker said that best buy only had 2 in line so thats where I went. I arrived at 6am with my fierce strawberry and a folding camping stool and camped out for the next hour and 45 mins. They came out early to see what everyone wanted so they could pass out flyers corresponding to the device you wanted so they could process the order as quickly and efficiently as possible. They had no gold which left a few phoneless and then they had no 16gb for At&t whatsoever (well there goes me!) So I called walmart at the stop light in from of Best Buy they said they had 2. I drove across the road and ran through the store hoping to be lucky to beat others there. I was 2nd in line and was excited and then I had to wait only like 8 mins. I had my iPhone and was out the door in less than 20 mins one of the least painful experience I have had on iPhone launch. I even saved money by getting it at Walmart, it was only $189.99 instead of the traditional 199.99 that I normally pay.

Now as I have disclosed before I work for one of the largest telecommunications company in the United States. So that means a new iPhone means more than just a new phone for me. It means the busiest time of the year at my job and its been crazy! I am working overtime on top of my normal shift this weekend and yesterday I had to rush to bed after setting my phone up. I got done and ready to go to bed at 2pm and had to be at work at 8pm so needless to say I was TIRED. So I slept a bit when I got back home and I probably shouldn't because I need to be in bed no later than 3pm today to be at work tonight (regular time not 8pm.) So wish me luck! I am cranking out a few things today to entertain you during my absence (to also prevent a gap in posts.) There will be lots of GIVEAWAYS <<<<get your attention?<<< and reviews and we are kicking off the Holiday gift guide!

The gift guide is going live today. Its called Ruby's Wrappable picks.

Have fun all!


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