Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smartsilk Pillow Review

I received the following products in exchange for review all thoughts are my own and not influenced by this fact.

The old man loves the cool side of the pillow and when I heard of SmartSilk pillows and what they do I knew they would be just perfect. I received a set of SmartSilk pillows in Queen.

Here is some info from the site about the pillows.

he SmartSilk™ Pillow offers you a delightful sleeping experience with our luxurious blend of all natural and luxurious material. We begin with the cozy silk-filled liner that smoothly borders the entire pillow. The all-natural soft cotton outer shell then encases our unique polyester micro gel fiber filling providing you with a very comfy combination for a relaxing night's sleep.

In addition, The SmartSilk™ Shield Advantage offers you a proven barrier against allergens, dust mites and pet dander that live on most down and synthetic pillows. The SmartSilk™ Pillow has been certified asthma & allergy friendly™, ensuring you a cleaner and uninterrupted sleep each night.

Feel the SmartSilk™ difference with our Smart Temperature Advantage, offering you an increased level of comfort while resting your head. The SmartSilk™ Pillow is constantly, naturally and automatically adjusting to your body temperature, keeping your head and neck at the perfect temperature in addition to its moisture wicking properties.

Our All Natural Silk Filled Luxury Bedding will enhance your sleep and quality of life

Attributes of the SmartSilk™ Pillow
Polyester micro gel fiber filling
All natural silk fill liner
All natural cotton outer shell
Moisture wicking properties help to reduce effects of night sweats
Keeps your skin moisturized
Water repellent non-woven material
Breathable materials: no longer need to flip the pillow around looking for a cool spot

The pillow feels like a cloud and I loved using it when relaxing on the futon using the iPad or reading a book. They stay cool to the touch and its so soothing I fell asleep reading with it a few times. Another time I didn't feel well I was trying to stay awake but when I layed down on the futon the moment my head hit the pillow I was out.

Now if you like a firm pillow these are not for you. These are super soft and you can feel the gel inside as it shifts ( I love that feeling.) I got these with the Old man in mind but tried them myself too in regular sleep situations. I am large chested and because of that and the fact I normally sleep on my stomach these didn't provide enough support for my head in single form or even both stacked together. That is why I like firm pillows for sleeping on my stomach but when laying on my back or side these are perfect. When I folded the pillow in half it was perfect for stomach sleeping.

Since using these pillows the Old Man is sleeping better and longer without interruption. Before it seemed like any sort of noise had him awake and he was complaining of neck pain. I don't even remember the last time he said his neck hurt since using these pillows. His allergies are horrible and the fact these are allergy friendly is just another reason they are perfect.

So if you have someone who:
Loves the cool side of the pillow
Likes soft pillows
Complains of neck pains
and (maybe) has allergies? 

Then I highly recommend surprising them with these pillows.

They retail for:

Standard $65.00 
Queen $75.00 
King $85.00

SmartSilk also has other products:
Mattress pads (I bet these are heavenly) 
Pillow Protectors
Crib bedding
Flat and fitted sheets
Pillow cases
And a new pet line!

Giveaway Coming soon!

Find them :


  1. These pillows look like they will give a really good night sleep, and they are hypoallergenic and I like the all natural construction of these pillows. These pillows will last for years and give such a wonderful sleeping experience.

  2. This seems like a great pillow that will help even out your neck at night so you don't wake up hurting!!

  3. I would love to have the complete bedding set. I know I would get a good nights sleep finally. I love their products.

  4. I can't wait to own one of these pillows! They look like you'd be sleeping on a cloud with them! =)

  5. This is the only pillow I have heard of that help with the night sweats. I would love to have them.

  6. I have so many sleeping issues, these pillows seem like a cure all! Everything from neck pain to nights sweats to allergies!

  7. Awesome! A good pillow is very important for decent sleep!

  8. Awesome a complete bed set would be great. My little doggie could use a nice comfortable bed as well, maybe then she'll stay off of my couch.

  9. These sound like AMAZING pillows. It's awesome how they keep your skin moisturized!

  10. I appreciate it being hypoallergenic and can help regulate body temperature.

  11. These pillows sound amazing! I've had the same pillows for years and they are flat and lumpy. I have pretty severe neck pain quite often and I have a feeling if I got some of these I might be cured!

  12. Awesome that is has a (PROVEN) barrier against allergens....My oldest son has had to have special cases and covers for his bed his whole life or his allergies set of his asthma severely

  13. These pillows look amazing!! I have terrible allergies, so this looks like it would work great!

  14. I love silk bedding. This looks like good quality stuff too.

  15. These pillows sound amazing! I love the idea that they adjust in temperature to keep you comfortable. This would be so nice with menopause hot flashes!

  16. I really want these pillows & a comforter. They look so comfy. With winter coming their comforter looks like it would be so warm on those freezing nights!

  17. I love that the pillow is hypoallergenic! It looks very comfortable!

  18. thanks for the great review, i hadn't heard of this pillow until i read this...seems like it would be a great addition to the bedroom, thank you!

  19. I love the companies that include our animal families....and the dog pillow looks great!

  20. My husband suffers from allergies,and these pillows would be so helpful to him at night.I also love that you can wash them.

  21. I suffer from awful night sweats and every morning my pillow is damp - this owuld be great for me so that I can actually wash it!

  22. The coolness and the anti-allergen qualities have me sold.

  23. I would love this!!! I have asthma and they are supposed to help with this... OMG heaven!

  24. I need to try something new. I always buy the cheap pillows and they never last

  25. I always wake up with neck pain, and love soft pillows - mine are old and flat, I think I just found my replacement pillows! Thanks for the review!


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