Saturday, September 28, 2013

Labato iPad case Review

Smart Cover For iPad PU Leather Slim Case For Tablet iPad 2 3 4 and new ipad Stand For Tablet 4 colors

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

I received the Labato Ipad case in blue and let me tell you what a beautiful blue it is. The lighting in my house was hard to capture the true color of the case so I am including some images from the sales listing so you can see the true beauty of this case.

When you pick up this case the first thing you notice is the texture. I just love touching this case and how smooth it is. The inside of the case has the texture of suede leather and has writing on the inside.

This case is very stylish and simple. Its non bulky and appropriate for all social situations. The colors these come in are amazing! There is this blue, rose red, yellow, and white so something for everyone.

Before this I had a case from Big Lots that I paid $15 for and it was just a cheap little thing that was supposed to prop up but it was very flimsy and my iPad would slide around when I try to prop it up. It also was made of some cheap material that didn't feel anywhere near as good as this one to the touch. Its like comparing silk to corduroy (the itchy scratchy kind from the 80's and 90's.).

Product features

For ipad 4 smart cover

1. Decorated with silkscreen, the color of which was designed through many attempts and adjustments.

2. Microfiber Leather with strong tenacity and wearability matches with contrast color stripes,infusing vogue into conciseness.

3. Soft internal lining imprinted with Labato logo, the insurance of brand and quality.

4. Equipped with smart-cover folio: cover to sleep for the iPad and open to wake it.

5. Exquisite details processing on all edges and corners for full protection.

6. Integrated 2 position stand functionalities with multi-viewing angles.

7. Free access to camera, USB port and loudspeaker.

 Can you guess how this iPad case costs? Well that is going to surprise you this case sales for around $19.99 and is available in many locations online including amazon and ebay. If you were to buy a case like this from Apple it would run you about $69.95 and I don't know about you but I like the sound of $19.99 a lot better.
With all that money saved I can buy more nail polish!!!!!

I love the sleep awake feature on this, with my cheap case I became spoiled on the close to lock feature which makes my battery last so much longer. The case I had before Big lots was an expensive case that didn't offer that feature (but it was hello kitty so I got it and Loved it.) and it had a keyboard so for just reading was too bulky.

Labato has a parent company called JisonCase and they offer amazing cases there.
Labato site is currently under construction but once its available it will be at:

Don't worry, even though their site isn't up you can still buy these beauties on

If you are looking for a case for a loved one as a gift, or even a gift to yourself, I highly recommend Labato and Jinsoncase for long lasting quality.

Find Jinsoncase:

More pics!


  1. I know these are so nice I love the one I have too.

  2. These look like great cases that would protect my ipad nicely. Thanks for informing!

  3. I love these cases they are amazing.... I have a couple of them!

  4. Love the color! it looks like a nice case!

  5. Would love one of these, makes blogging/youtube and hot chocolate drinking an easy task all together :P x

  6. Would love one of these, makes blogging/youtube and hot chocolate drinking an easy task all together :P x

  7. Would love one of these, makes blogging/youtube and hot chocolate drinking an easy task all together :P x

  8. I so need one of these! It would be a huge help! Great review, I am going to check into these!

  9. I don't have an Ipad but this is great quality and I would love won designed like this for my Kindle :)

  10. Most importantly, the customization feature on iGears iPad case allows customers to personalize each iPad. Flash Lights


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